Monday, October 22, 2007

I Just Finished Getting off the Phone From Tonites Blogger Call

I participated in a crowded Bloggers Conference Call tonite with Mike Huckabee and his ever faithful bloggers. I will give a synopsis for now and be back later with more details. I am still working on more of my ebay fundraiser projects, and working on my Rockabilly poetry.

First Mike Huckabee thanked all the bloggers for being his "Truth Squad." He said we are probably the most effective non-payed advertisement out there. He recapped what has been going on for the past few days. He said the recent polls in Iowa and the FRC surprised everyone except him, his campaign and loyal supporters. In the FRC poll he beat out his nearest opponent by, who could that be;), by 5-1. He mentioned that he had been getting more momentum even before Sam Brownback dropped out of the race. Now many of Brownback's supporters are turning to Mike. He mentioned that Frank Lutz, the guy who does the pre, during and post debate polling for FOX News, says that every time he does polling that Mike's numbers go up. He was wowed by the fact that the campaign website crashed quite a few times after the debate, as was I, but wasn't that cool!
He said that when he is sitting in the Oval Office and a reporter asks him how he got to be the President he will say it had to do with the bloggers lifting him up.

Kevin Tracy asked him about the buzz of Chuck Norris endorsing Mike Huckabee. Mike thought it was amazing that someone who is so famous and patriotic would endorse him. Mike and Janet Huckabee are huge fans of this great actor whom neither one of them has ever met. Mike hopes that in the future to do appearances with Mr. Norris. He made a little joke about possibly doing some martial arts together.

A fellow Michigander, Kerry from One Mom, asked him what he thought about Michigan's decision to move the Primary early.

Rhett from Buck for Huck asked him about Chip Saltsman managerial skills and finances. Mike said that the meager resources the campaign has received has been spent carefully and wisely and that he hasn't had to borrow a dime. He even has cash on hand. He wants to be able to tell his donors that the money they have given has been spent well.
He credits Mr. Saltsman with being a frugal manager using the sources wisely. Now he needs to start advertising in Iowa.

Other bloggers who asked questions were
Granite Rock-Social Security
Team Ron Miller-The Leadership within the Family Values crowd
Popular Huck-How Mike's finances have raised up, just within the past few days
Montana for Huckabee-Fundraising strategies and a Fundraising Chairman

I will get back to y'all on all this. I am sorry, I do not know the links to the latter set of questioners. As soon as I find out I will provide those links. I am now headed to the sewing room, listen to Buddy Holly and finish my little projects.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!


Bill Smith / Editor said...

Mike Huckabee need to be allowed more time (equal time) to express his positions at debates. It is unfortunate that Romney has been able to scarf up value voter supporters that rightly belong with Mike or one of the other candidate.

It is time for the truth to win out by having it told in it's fullest. Romney claims certain positions when he runs for one race and hopes people will not learn what he said before. To see and hear the actual truth in Romney's own words go to Flip Flop Mitt [Video documenting Mitt Romney's positions]

Michigan Redneck said...

Thank you for the video link. said...

Website crashes are all fun and games until they happen to you. :)