Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Waiting for Mike Huckabee to be interviewed. Maybe I will get that cheeseburger now. I can not believe I have been sitting here for the full 2 hours. I was hoping to see the cars that were on display. There were cars outside, but they didn't get filmed.
These guys talking don't want to talk about Mike Huckabee. One gentleman said one participant that did a good job was Mike Huckabee, but he doesn't here anyone talking about him.
Mike is on. The interviewer is asking about unions. Doesn't think unions shouldn't force members to pay to political parties. CEOs should share the wealth. Not government issue. Maintain the best employees they can. Thinks it is unfair for CEOs to take raises and workers to take pay cuts. Worker who has just lost his job. Hard for him to take care of family on 15,000 from 65,000.
He is talking about taxes and how the fair tax will help the manufacturing industry.
I want to slap Don Luskin. He just said he doesn't know why Mike Huckabee even shows up. He does not agree with fair tax.
Robert Reich likes Mike. He said that Mike is talking about things that most Republicans won't talk about. He agrees that the gap is growing.

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