Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Detroit News Talks about Mike Huckabee's Money Situation

As y'all know I think campaigns should be less about talk of who has how much money, but since it is the talk of the day, here is what the has to say about Mike Huckabee regarding Mike's money and campaign.

  • Lack of funds hampers Huckabee's presidential bid

  • Arkansas governor runs a good campaign, but is he a serious threat to other GOP rivals?

  • Gordon Trowbridge / Detroit News Washington Bureau

  • Mike Huckabee has officially been anointed the "It Candidate" of the moment in the Republican presidential race, enjoying a flood of favorable media coverage and a string of good campaign news.
  • But can the man whose campaign was so cash-strapped that it couldn't afford a trip to Mackinac Island be considered a serious threat in Michigan, or the rest of the country?
  • That's the question that hovers over the former Arkansas governor's long-shot bid for the White House.
  • His advantages are many: He's an engaging, charismatic campaigner. He's on the rise in Iowa's influential caucus campaign. He's a Baptist minister with good credentials among social conservatives, a status solidified by the departure of fellow anti-abortion candidate Sam Brownback and a well-received appearance at a conference of influential religious conservatives last week.
  • And he brings a populist economic message that could appeal to Michigan voters of both parties -- one critical of free-trade agreements and supportive of working-class families.
  • "I listened to all the other candidates talk about how great things are, 22 consecutive quarters of economic growth and how great the stock market is," Huckabee said last week in a pointed reference to this month's GOP debate in Dearborn.
  • "They were talking right off the Republican National Committee talking points. I just kept thinking, 'You guys need to get out more.' Maybe they're all at upscale cocktail parties."
How does Mike's performance in Iowa affect his results in Michigan's primaries?
  • Iowa performance is vital
  • A strong Iowa performance is vital in the Michigan race, said Tom Shields, a consultant with Republican firm Marketing Resource Group in Lansing.
  • "Michigan will react to the candidates who have the momentum, coming in" to the Jan. 15 primary, Shields said.
  • That could mean Huckabee -- languishing in single digits in most Michigan polls -- could get a big boost with a stronger than expected Iowa performance.
  • But building on that momentum will be a challenge, Ruff said. Though the calendar is far from final, there will likely be 10 days or less between Iowa and Michigan, with the New Hampshire primary probably coming in between.
  • "If he comes out of Iowa with a surprise win or a strong second, is there enough time to raise enough money between then and our primary to mount a real media campaign?" Ruff asked.
  • "It's going to take some money, and right now, that's the thing he doesn't have."
Click here to read the full article. Have you given money to Mike's campaign? If not go do that now. Click on the map above to do that.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

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