Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Debate is Starting!

Now the debate is starting. This is the first debate about economy and jobs. Fred Thompson get's the first question, about the economic question.
Now Romney gets his question. He is booty kissing to our state. He is talking about the auto industry and schools. He just made a lame joke about Jennifer Granholm. He said he was afraid she would tax the debate. Ha-ha. So rehearsed. He merely knew that would get a cheer.
Rudy Guiliani just got a question. He wants to keep taxes low. He wants spending to be kept down.
Now it's Ron Paul's turn. He is talking about the money being transfered from the poor and middle class to the rich. He is talking about living beyond our means. At first he started making sense. Until he started talking about the war and doesn't want to spend money on war.
John McCains turn. He got a question about taxes. He said welath creates wealth. He mentioned we are losing industry jobs. He wants spending to come under control. He stole newt's phrase that the Republicans who came to control in '94 got controlledHe said the tax system is fair. But he wants to fix it?
Mike Huckabee has been asked about the Fair Tax! Chris asked if it would discourage Americans from spending money. Mike Huckabee said Americans like spending money and nothing is going to discourage them from spending. Fair Tax will be great for America. Instead of exporting jobs we will export products. The current tax system is unfair to honest Americans. The hard working honest Americans are paying there share, but the pimps and prostitutes are not paying taxes for there underground activities.
He is talking about the blue collars. He says that the American economy is doing good as a whole, but there are people who work two jobs, just to put food on the table and pay rent. They wonder what to do about the future. He says that fair tax will be fair for everyone.
Duncan Hunter is talking now. Fred got another question. Now Sam Brownback got a question.

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