Monday, October 22, 2007

Mike Huckabee's Humility Makes him Likeable

Check out this terrific article in the Concord Monitor.

  • Voters should get to know Huckabee
    Candidate connects easily with people

  • There was plenty to admire about Mike Huckabee's appearance at Concord High on Friday. He talked with the students, not at them or down to them. Many of them disagreed with him on abortion rights, but they had to respect the way he explained his pro-life views. And in both body language and actual language he displayed a humility that would be a rare quality - and an asset - in a president.

  • Huckabee is just the kind of candidate for whom the New Hampshire primary purports to exist. He's a little-known governor with a small bankroll. His only hope is to sell himself directly to the public.
    To run this kind of personal campaign, a candidate must come across as genuine, smart and experienced. Check, check and check. Huckabee, 52, is comfortable with himself and well-versed in the issues. For 11 years he was Arkansas's governor, a job in which, as he explained to the students, he often had to pursue or sell policies that he knew were unpopular.

  • So far, Huckabee is best known as a bass guitarist, a guy who lost more than 100 pounds and a comedian. These are positives. He's humble about his musical skills, but even in a dark suit, white shirt and pink tie, he looks natural with a guitar strapped over his shoulder. He has translated his belief in music and the arts into appealing public policy. His weight loss makes him a role model and gives him a platform for talking about health as a public issue. The humor is a bonus; he and John McCain are in a league of their own in the 2008 presidential field.

  • Religion could also be a problem for Huckabee.
I disagree, I think religion is a positive for him.

  • He told us that in dealing with members of his congregation, he had experienced and confronted every kind of human misery. He counseled parents who had lost young children, married couples on the verge of divorce, people in debt, people struggling with alcohol and drug problems. The forlorn, the sinners and the sinned-against are a pastor's province.
    Huckabee had taken from this experience a profound understanding of human nature. He projects this quality when he speaks in public. While explaining his own views clearly and unapologetically, he also considers his listeners' interests and tries to address them.

  • But New Hampshire isn't the Bible Belt. Voters in this live-and-let-live state tend to be suspicious of those who mix religion and politics, such as the Republican pastor-politician Pat Robertson.
OK, from this point I guess I can understand that about new Hampshire. But Mike Huckabee is different.

Check this out what the reporter has to say about his conclusion of Mike Huckabee.

  • In case you were wondering, I should acknowledge here that I am not in that camp. There are many issues on which I disagree profoundly with Huckabee. Despite those differences, I find him intriguing and wonder why his party, with its big southern base, pays him so little heed.
    One of his well-heeled rivals may emerge as a stronger candidate than any appear to be now. Then again, maybe not. While New Hampshire Republicans wait and see, they owe it to themselves - and to the state's primary tradition - to lend Huckabee an ear.
    He may make you chuckle, but he'll also surprise you with his depth and his manner.
Read the full article here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Huckabee bloggers,

My name is Steve Hoven and I am a big fan of Mike's. I saw him first and was impressed with him back in Jan/Feb on "This week" when he was about to announce his bid.

Anyway I am a big supporter and have donated and was one of Mike's guests at the Dearborn Debate on Oct 9th. (I didn't get to meet him though just missed him.)

Anyway I don't have a blog but I did put a few videos on a website that I think are interesting and you may want to share with your bloggers.
The top 5 GOP in their own words.

Anyway the real reason for my email is the following...

Let me be blunt. (But know it comes from the heart)

1. Mike's campaign needs more money and they need to have bigger goals. I can't do much about that. (Besides give some etc.. I guess)

2. Mike's campaign store is OVERPRICED for the average voter. $18 for a 1 sided yard sign NOT including shipping and handling COME ON!! People aren't going to pay that unless they are super diehard. Shoot I won't pay that. Bumper stickers $4 no thanks.

I decided to order from someone else.

I just ordered 241 yard signs (2 color/2 sided) at a cost of $3.05 per sign INCLUDING shipping. Add probably $2-4 to mail the sign to a supporter. (wrapped in brown paper) its roughly $5-7 including the wire stake.

Anyway the point of this email is we need that kind of thinking and work from Mike's Bloggers. Not everyone is going to be able to buy 100 signs and sell them at cost but that will definitely get things going in the right direction.

You can see a copy of the yard sign I have at

Here is the site where I bought the signs Ask for Sabrina ext 15 if you order signs she helped me out. (I ordered the plastic kind, you can order the cardboard kind which is cheaper still!) You don't have to order as many as I did but its a start. I am sure you know local people and if you have a meetup group I am sure they can buy a few signs off you.

I also bought 100 bumper stickers off a guy on ebay for $50 including shipping. (.50 each) I am sure people would LOVE to get a bumper sticker for $1 (.50 for mailing it to them and .50 for the cost.)

He is back on ebay and has 100 for sale again. (A little more expense but still a great deal considering.) Do an ebay search for Mike Huckabee bumper stickers and maybe contact him directly if you have more quantity to buy.

This spreads the word about Mike just as much as giving a $1 to huck will.

Lets go bloggers lead the way and get some cheaper tools in front of your audience.

Need help getting the bumper stickers or signs mailed? How about ask your local high school for Gov't class volunteers (kids could get extra credit) Or better yet if you have a home school building have some of those kids help out. They tend to have the same values Mike shares.

How about 15 minutes for Huck campaign. Once we have a bunch of yard signs out there. We do 1 day for 15 minutes Huckabee supporters all go to a busy intersection in their town and wave the huckabee sign for 15 minutes. Just 1 person could be seen by 100's of people in those 15 minutes. Multiply that by 100's of supporters doing it at the same time.

If it catches on could do it once a week etc..


Also their is a in everyones area clicking on the politics section there are very few posts. Perfect for a Mike Huckabee ad. (free) Not the message board part.

Let me know if I can help in anyway.

Steve Hoven
Grand rapids MI. Meetup group