Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Be a Prostitot for Halloween!

I am watching Glenn Beck right now. He is talking about the Halloween costumes for little girls. I don't have kids, but I guess the new costume style for little girls is now mini skirts, high boots, low-rise pants and high tops. I don't know what these little girls, or their parents for that matter, call these outfits. I know what I call them.
When I was a kid we dressed as witches, ghosts, vampires, princesses (with ankle length hems), fifties girls in poodle skirts (again, hem was below the knee), baggy cat customs, etc. According to one of the ladies, who runs a costume shop, he was interviewing, the little girls, and their moms, want the little girls to dress "sexy." They dress like go-go girls, Britney or Lindsay, traditional costumes have mini skirt hemlines. She said it is the moms who encourage this behavior. Possibly they are living vicariously through their daughters.
The churches in my town get together to hold an alternative to Halloween where participants can dress as Biblical characters or just fun dress up that is not "sexy" or scary. All ages are welcome. I have never attended any of these, but I think this is a great alternative. Even with women my age, I think it is disgusting for them to dress skanky.


DR said...

Absolutely, I could not agree more.

Larry said...

You are so right on this issue. I believe the mothers are letting their daughters dress and act in a way they could not do themselves. This leads to some very bad behaviors and we wonder why this is happening.

Michigan Redneck said...

According to Glenn and the two ladies he had on this episode said that the fathers don't like their little girls dressing like this.
I want to know why aren't the fathers stopping their wives from buying these costumes?