Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's About Time!

"It's About Time" that is how this post, for this excellent video is titled. It may not be an official ad, but it is an ad nonetheless. There are so many meanings this phrase can have. All of them positive. First, "it's about time" that we rally around a true conservative who will truly care about the needs and concerns of ALL Americans. Second, it's "it's about time" that we, the Huckabee supporters, use this time wisely to donate our resources, whether those be financial or abilities to help spread the word about Mike Huckabee. To help financially go here, to donate online, or here, to donate through the mail. Thirdly, "it's about time" that a campaign ad be outside the box. Folks, this is not the typical campaign ad. As many of ya know, I am sicking of seeing campaign ads that talk about the happy-ass family of the candidate. Ya know the ones I am talking about. Where ya see the candidate and his wife walking hand in hand and the kiddos are running around in a park, playing football or something. Everyone is hugging and smiling. That's nice. I am glad that the candidate has a nice family, but that ain't gonna help me no how. What this ad is, is different. It shows some clips of Mike Huckabee speaking and telling it like it is. Not some dude speaking in an annoying voice of trying to be scary in a funny way. Oh, and talk about the music score. Oh my. It is not one of those with the dramatic dah, dah, dah piano. No folks, it has some great sound. It has great eletric guitar and horns. It is worth watching over and over and over again.

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