Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mike Huckabee on the Issues

Here's a great, to the point article about where Mike Huckabee stands on the issues, from a woman's perspective.

  • Mike Huckabee served as the 44th governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. Along with eight others, he is now seeking the nomination of the Republican Party for president in the 2008 campaign. The following overview offers a brief summary of Governor Huckabee’s stance on the issues: Faith and Politics, Sanctity of Life, Health Care, Taxes and the Economy, and National Security.
  • Faith and Politics
  • Huckabee says, “I have much more respect for an honest atheist than a disingenuous believer.” He believes that faith should be debated and shared by never imposed. He adheres to the First Amendment that “requires that expressions of faith be neither prohibited nor preferred.”
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Huckabee states unequivocally that Roe v Wade should be overturned. He claims that he became politically active because of the issue of abortion, and as governor, he got many pro-life laws passed despite a Democrat legislature. About stem-cell research, he says, “I believe in using existing stem cell lines for research, but I do not believe in creating life for the sole purpose of destroying it.”
  • Taxes and the Economy
  • The former governor wants to eliminate all federal income and payroll taxes. He colorfully asserts, “I'd like you to join me at the best ‘Going Out of Business’ sale I can imagine—one held by the Internal Revenue Service.” When he says he wants to eliminate all taxes, he means it: “And do I mean all - personal federal, corporate federal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, self-employment.” He supports the Fair Tax, which taxes consumption not earnings.
To find out what this author says about where he stands on other issues click on to this article in Bella Online.

Disclaimer: I have checked out this website. Not all of the issues and articles I agree with. It is not a Liberal or Conservative site. It is all views about things that interest women, from all perspectives, from many women.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

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