Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Numbers Game

Check out this article from the New York Sun regarding Mike Huckabee's surge in the polls and talk about money compared to that of his competitors. Here are a few snippets.

  • Rising in Polls, Huckabee Could Be GOP's Dark Horse of 2008

  • The quiet man of the Republican presidential race, Mike Huckabee, is becoming the dark horse social conservative candidate who could end up trouncing his better known, better funded rivals.

  • In a poll of Iowa Republicans published yesterday, the former governor of Arkansas is neck and neck with Mayor Giuliani in a tie for second place behind Mitt Romney, who has spent tens of millions including an injection of his personal wealth to establish his lead in the bellwether state.

  • The Hawkeye poll, conducted by the New University of Iowa, shows Mr. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, in the clear lead with 36.2% support.

  • But in a statistical tie for second place, Mr. Huckabee is at 12.8%, while the former New York mayor has 13.1%. A former Tennessee senator, Fred Thompson, comes fourth with 11.4%, and Senator McCain of Arizona is fifth, with 6%.

  • Mr. Huckabee's current strength is seen in the 10% spurt he has had since the summer. In an identical poll in August, Mr. Huckabee attracted just 1.8%.

  • "What we're seeing is the power of message over money and mechanics," Mr. Huckabee said in a statement on hearing the result. He has spent just $1.7 million on advertising; Mr. Romney has spent $53.6 million, and Mr. Giuliani has spent $30.2 million as of September 30, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

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