Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Hot One was Even Hotter!

OK, now the debate is coming to an end. As always Mike Huckabee did a great job. I have to paraphrase Brian Setzer from the Stray Cat's classic. "Rev it Up and Go!" Mike really revved it up and went. He came out looking like the 56 Bel-Air that I predicted he would. He was hot before, but now the hot one is hotter. He had quick anwers and was consise. His last answer was about air traffic. Jetsons level in the airplane, Flintstones tech in the air traffic control. There needs to be something done about people waiting in planes with no where to go. The power needs to go to the consumer.

All in all. Here in Michigan, the auto state, most all came out like Rocket 88s, except for Romney and Ron Paul. Ron was crazy, what's new. Romney was phony, what's new. During his last answer he talks about optimism. That is one of his favorite words. I don't care much for Fred Thompson. But I love one of his responses to Romney. "I thought I was the only actor on this stage." Way to go Fred!
Watch out y'all. From here on out, this Republican primary is going to be a bumpy ride. So buckle up and stay safe. Watch Mike Huckabee speed up to the finish line.
Ohh, Mike will be interviewed soon stay in your seats y'all and hang on as Mike steers America down the boulevered of fixed dreams.

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