Saturday, October 27, 2007

Very Important Email from Coral Ridge Ministries

  • A Fresh Perspective from Coral Ridge Ministries
    Facing Reality: Choice (a special on FOX - Sat. Oct. 27 at 9pm & 12 mid ET ) (Click Here for more info on
    Friday , October 25, 2007
    Abortion: It's one of the most controversial issues in America . For many women, it's an agonizing decision and one many regret for a lifetime. For many unborn babies, it's a violent and sudden end to a life of promise and possibilities.
    In an upcoming special, 'Facing Reality: Choice,' FOX News will look at the issue from a different angle when they offer the personal stories of three women. After viewing the special, FOX News asks you, the viewer, to log on to their web site and join a discussion about whether you think abortion is an acceptable choice or the cruel and unjust taking of the life of an innocent and weak member of the human race. We encourage you to respond to Fox, but before you do, we ask that you look at this issue from the perspectives presented below.
    Please check out the following stories:

    Gianna - "She [my mother] went to have a late term abortion; it was a saline abortion, which is a saline salt solution that's injected into the mother's womb.except they had a big shock in that abortion clinic that day because I arrived alive at 6 am in a Southern California abortion clinic."
    Watch Gianna's Story

    Nina - A mother and wife who has three healthy children, but finds out during her forth pregnancy that her child has down syndrome. In addition, because of Nina's health, the doctors recommend terminating the pregnancy.
    Watch Nina's Story

    Johnny - "I reject the phrase 'God allowed me to be born with spinal-muscular atrophy'. God didn't allow it. God designed it. It was in God's eternal purpose for me to have this disease."
    Watch Johnny's Story

    FOX News is seeking feedback before you tune in to its special, Facing Reality: Choice, airing October 27 at 9pm / 12 mid ET. Tell FOX News your thoughts in light of Johnny, Nina, and Gianna's stories. What advice would you give to a woman considering abortion? Send your thoughts to Fox and email us as well. We'd love to hear from you!E-mail FOX and join the discussion!

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