Saturday, October 13, 2007

What Did Glenn Beck Have to Say about Mike Huckabee at the Debate?

Here is some excerpts from Glenn Beck's blog about the debate. I will share his Mike Huckabee comments and then provide the link to the whole post.

  • Huckabee is looking solid tonight (though I always wonder if he was happier when he was fat–he lost almost 200 pounds). I’m happier when I’m fatter because eating cake makes me happy. I wonder what kind of cake Huckabee likes best?
  • Huckabee has a real talent for reducing the complicated to the comprehensible–I wonder if he got that from his days as a pastor (I’ll ask him when I sit down with him for a full hour–stay tuned for details on when that will air).
  • Huckabee just came out strong! He says that a president needs to think of the American people (and their safety) first and forget about party politics. Why am I so surprised by such a sensible, common sense answer? We need more of those!
  • Giuliani and Huckabee also just said we have to treat our goal of energy independence like the commitment we made to go to the moon. Wow–that idea sounds awfully familiar too?

I have to admit, maybe the weight thing was unnessasary. But for regular Glenn fans, ya know he can be a smart alleck. For Glenn's full post on the debate, click here.

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