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Q & A for Mike Huckabee from

Ohh my, check out this Question and Answer session posed for Mike Huckabee. Here are the questions, then I will provide the link to see Mike Huckabee's answers. Some of the answers are too good not to include in my post.

  • Huckabee Talks About Keeping Iowa Momentum Going
  • By - Justin Schardin

    Mike Huckabee in Ames

  • (October 30, 2007)
  • It's been a good couple of weeks for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huc kabee (R). Following an impressive showing earlier this month at the Value Voters Summit, Huckabee became the hot item to discuss in the Republican presidential race. Could he be the one to unite a dissatisfied GOP electorate?
  • It appears voters are at least giving him a second look. Though trailing badly in fundraising, his poll movement shows promise, particularly in Iowa. An oft-noted classic rock aficiona do, Huckabee was on his way Friday to playing Clear Lake's historic Surf Ballroom with his band Capitol Offense when PoliticsIowa caught up with him.
Here are some of the questions.
  1. Let's start with the important question. Taking Jimi Hendrix as a given, who's the second-best guitarist ever?
  2. Had you come in third at the Ames Straw Poll, where would your campaign be now?
  3. With all the recent national media attention, do you feel a like the bench player who works hard in practice, and then one day the coach says, get in there and show us what you've got?
  4. Given Iowa's importance, inexpensiveness, and seeming suitability to your message, why have you not spent more time here?
  5. Why has fundraising not kept pace with your rise in the polls?
  • "Well, that has changed dramatically in the last week. We've raised more money in the past six days than we raised in the first three months of the year... We now have a goal of a million dollars by midnight on the 31st.
  1. "What's your pitch to voters who like you, but think you might not be electable?
  • "Well, I'm the only guy that really knows Hillary that well. I've survived politically in the environment of a Democrat Arkansas the Clintons created and controlled for virtually two generations. I've already proven that I can win. We've established that I can. What hasn't [been] proven is whether any of these other guys can."
  1. What do you say to voters who are scared off by mixing religion and government?
  2. What do you want to come to peoples' minds when they hear the word Republican?
  • "Competent leadership."
  1. Have you spoken to Sen. Brownback since he announced he was leaving the race?
  2. Did you get a sense he would be inclined to endorse you?
  3. Did you make a pitch for his support?
  4. Which of your Democratic opponents do you have the most respect for?
  • "I have respect for all of them. I have a respect that Hillary's going to be a much stronger candidate than people give her credit for. I appreciate that Obama has brought a freshness to the campaign and a sense of energy. I've had some fun at Edwards' expense, but I do believe that he understands the plight of many ordinary people. I know Bill Richardson probably quite well, and I am extremely fond of him on a personal level. I also find him to be extraordinarily capable individual and consider him a personal friend."
  1. Is there something most people don't know about Sen. Clinton that you do from your experience in Arkansas?
  • "The answer is yes. You're going to ask me what it is, and I'm going to save that for the election."
Ohh, they really saved the best last for last. Question wasn't long winded, nor was Mike's answer. But it is all good. I wonder what he knows that know one else does. Can't wait to find out. I just love surprises!

To find out all of Mike's answers to all these questions, click here.

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