Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mike Huckabee on the Situation Room

I am waiting for Mike Huckabee to appear on the Situation Room. OK, here is Huckabee. Wolf Blitzer is talking about poll numbers being good. He is asking Mike about Pat Toomey's attacks in regards to taxes. Mike Huckabee is setting the record straight. The taxes were voted by the people of Arkansas and he didn't sign for all of them. He will not be an old fashioned conservative who will be controlled by Wall Street. He doesn't want to put down other opponents, even though they have been putting him down. He is setting the record straight about Mitty's statement that he "gave special rates to children of illegals" who were planning on going to college. He did not give them special rates. He gave them the same opportunity as all kids of Arkansas. Mike knew it would be better in the long run for them to get good jobs after graduating so they could be independent from government, if they were stuck in minimum wage jobs. Holy!#$#$ Mike is in 2nd place in Iowa polls now. He is different from Rudy Giuliani on abortion. He believes all abortion is wrong. Would Mike ask Rudy as his running mate? It depends, if he can change his views on abortion.

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