Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Debate Roundup (Update)

Transcript here

Huckabee Hound

Also, check out all that is coming from RightMichigan.com

Yes, I am aware that the picture of the GM plant is the one in Flint. But I grew up in Flint, so my auto vains go to Flint, regardless of where the debate took place. Now I really need that cheeseburger. A Detroit or Flint Coney Dog would be best, but I am stuck up here in the U.P. I will get back to ya about more on who is talking about the debate. Kevin Tracy is going to watch the debate again on MSNBC at 9. He will probably have some good commentary.


BDBopper said...

Are you having any issues with Blogger today? I can't seem to be able to get anything published today at all (which frustrates me to no end)

Michigan Redneck said...

Oddly enough, Blogger has been nice to me today. Usually I have problems. But that could also be my computer. Anyways, I knew how important it would be to do the live blogging. So I prayed extra hard. And God listened and helped.