Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall for Mike Huckabee

The Fall Season is upon us, and I would like to suggest that you "Fall(believe in) for Mike Huckabee," or get others to fall for Mike. Like many of you out there, I live in a small town. This time of year many small towns have Fall festivals, whether they be parades, town picnics, sidewalk sales, apple bobbing contests, largest pumpkin, etc. There is usually something going on with large crowds gathering. If you are fortunate enough to live in a tourist town you will see many people from far away towns and even states just to see your town's festivities. I live in such a town.
Now here's where "Fall for Mike Huckabee" comes in. Go to this link and print out as many push cards as you think you will need. Hand them out at your town's Fall events. I will be doing this at the Apple Days and Great Pumpkin Roll on Oct. 6. The Pumpkin Roll is fun and it is just what it says, ya roll a pumpkin down a hill. Many people and families will be there for all the festivities. The Apple Days has activities for mom, dad, big bro/sis, little bro/sis, baby bro/sis and even fun for grandma and grandpa!
This is perfect timing for Mike Huckabee's exposure. This is the Saturday before the Republican Michigan Debate. Most of the people who show up to this event don't usually go onto the computer to research political candidates. The Michigan tourists who will be there will find out about Mike Huckabee, get interested and when they watch him on the debate they will realize that he's the man. Also the out of state tourists will learn about Mike too. If you are thinking about planning a trip to the UP, come up that weekend and help hand out flyers. Probably not on the top of your list of vacation activities. Or ya can just do something in your town. Ask your friends, family or people in your church to help out.


Ryan, said...

Great idea, and I love your willingness to step up in your community. Since yours in a smaller one, your efforts will likely be much more effective than if one of us were to do the same for Mike in downtown Chicago!

Michigan Redneck said...

I think even at some event in a large city in. Most events in large cities are usually confined to small areas. Although I do agree that it would be more difficult in a large city. But nonetheless everyone should try to give it a whirl during fall festivals.
After I made this post I came up with another idea, since I don't have a t-shirt I thought I would make a simple felt vest with "I Like Mike" letters made out of felt to wear to the event.

sherri said...

you can get a huckabee t-shirt for like $6 at this website

they posted the link for it today on Mike Huckabee's myspace!

BDBopper said...

A fantastic idea. I shared it on my blog! Keep up the great work! :)