Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Check Out this Great Post!

The Vertical Day is Still going on at www.mikehauckabee.com. There is an artcile from Dr. Laurence White.

  • After months of coy flirting and media maneuvering former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson has finally admitted that he is running for president. He made it official - in a manner completely consistent with his style over substance approach to date - on the Jay Leno Show rather than the New Hampshire Presidential Candidate Debate held the same night. CNN reports today that on his first official day of campaigning in Iowa the core of his pitch was electability - he’s the man who can beat Hillary Clinton. (CNN “Thompson: I Can Stop Hillary Clinton” Thursday, September 6th, 2007) My response, as a Christian conservative who is deeply concerned about the future of this country, is “So wha t?” Beating Hillary Clinton is not good enough at this critical moment in America’s history. Thirty-four years into an abortion holocaust that has produced the slaughter of nearly fifty million defenseless infants we need more than an election victory. We need to transform American culture and put an end to abortion.
    For years we have foolishly heeded the counsel of pragmatists who have advised us to be realistic and settle for Republican establishment candidates who promised us by and large pro-life judiciary appointments in return for our support. These guys don’t see abortion as a crucial factor in America’s future. They say as much about being “Pro-Life” as they have to pacify us during the primaries. But once they have been nominated they promptly head for the safety of the Center. After they are elected the same pattern prevails as abortion and the other controversial “social issues” are relegated to the back burner. That’s the way “politics as usual” works in this country. In the meantime the little ones continue to die and with them the soul of America is dying. The establishments of both of our political parties are complacent and corrupt. They care only for the continuation and expansion of their own power. There is no possibility of ending abortion as long as Christians are content to continue to play “politics as usual.” ite about the election not being about "electability."

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Anyways, continue checking out the Vertical Day until 11am. I have been trying to finish some pajamas bottoms since 2:00am Monday. I should have been done by now, it's been more than 24 hours. I want to get started on the top today. I will check back in soon.

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