Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mackinac Conference Workshops

I just got my package for the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference! There are some cool workshops and other stuff going on. I have previously talked about the meal programs, now I want to talk about the workshops.
First will be the Welcome Reception on the Grand Hotel porch. This is where the attendees will gather.
After the reception will be the first workshop, presented by the Institute for Energy Program. The topic will be about "Energy Realism for the Public Policy Debate." I will try to make it to this one.
The next workshop won't be until late Saturday morning. That is the one that has Newt Gingrich speaking.
After that are two workshops taking place at the same time. One is Perspectives on Tax Policy. The other is Web Activism: Blogging and the New Media. I want to go to both. Have no fear, there will also be afternoon repeats of both in the afternoon.
Of course the best event will be the luncheon with Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney
Besides repeats of the tax and blogging workshops, Saturday afternoon workshops will be two sessions presented by Citizens for Traditional Values. This will be about "Can the Reagan Coalition be preserved?".
There will also be a workshop presented by GOPAC. This will be about "Enlisting a new Generation of Republicans to Lead America."
There will also be an afternoon session with Ward Connerly. Forgive me, I have no idea who this is. I have heard the name. I will have to do an inet search.
Then of course will be the Chairman's Reception on the Grand porch. This one is awesome! It will be hosted by State Republican Chairman Saul Anuzis. When I went in '05 he gave out free beer from Lithuania. There was also a cash bar and appetizer table. This was the first time I had sushi and caviar. It wasn't too bad. I wouldn't pay for it, but if it's there I will try it. Also, I had the best blue cheese ever in my life.
At some point will be some sort of golf tournament on Saturday.
Finally on Sunday will be a non-denominational faiths service.
Guess what y'all? There will be a media room open to all attendees. Included will be computers and phones. I will try to keep y'all up to date up to the moment. I would love if I can talk a friend into letting me use their laptop to live blog during the Huckabee/Romney Luncheon. If not, I will try to get to a computer ASAP.
I hope those of you in Michigan have signed up. If not, you can still register the same weekend.
God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

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