Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Huckabee tells how he would help nonprofits help the country

Check out this article about Mike Huckabee talking about non-profit organizations.

  • DOVER — Leaders from nonprofit organizations across New Hampshire and Maine gathered in the McConnell Center on Thursday to hear presidential hopeful and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee address how he would approach the needs of the nonprofit sector.The event kicked off the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits' presidential primary project, intended to educate presidential candidates about the size, scope and importance of the sector. The project is a first-time, nonpartisan effort by nonprofit leaders to introduce the needs of the sector into the national conversation, N.H. Center for Nonprofits Executive Director Mary Ellen Jackson said.
  • The organization, which is a division of the National Council of Nonprofit Associations, extended invitations to all candidates on both sides of the aisle, but Huckabee, a Republican, was the first to accept.
  • ....
  • "I've spent most of my adult life doing work with nonprofits," Huckabee said. As an ordained Baptist minister, he has worked with churches as well as the United Way and the American Cancer Society.As the governor of Arkansas, the state often used nonprofit organizations when the government was unable to provide the same services, he said. Nonprofits were essential for this purpose after Hurricane Katrina refugees poured into the state, increasing the population by 3 percent almost overnight. "We partnered with churches and Scouting facilities in the state who had just closed camp facilities for the season," Huckabee said. "Rather than congregate everyone in one area, we had 39 places spread around the state that provided lodging, dining halls, recreation facilities and security."

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