Monday, September 24, 2007

Newt is Awesome!

Two things, Newt Gingrich has a guest post on Mike Huckabee's Vertical Day and over at is the posting and video of his Mackinac Island Speech. First I will give a part of his guest post.

How You Can Help Achieve “Real Change”

  • I’d like to thank Governor Huckabee for having me here as a guest today. Over the past few months I’ve been very impressed with the Governor’s openness to new ideas and solutions for improving our country. He showed genuine leadership a few weeks ago by being the first candidate to sign the Nine Nineties in Nine debate pledge. By committing to a much more in-depth, solution-oriented political dialogue in our country, Governor Huckabee showed that he’s truly interested in real change.
    But it’s not just candidates for President that have the ability to bring about real change. Real Change is powered by citizen movements and you have the opportunity to take part. More on that below, but let’s focus first on that phrase – real change. In Washington, we hear a lot of talk about change but too often we see too few results. That’s because even as elections are won and lost by different candidates of different parties, the underlying idea framework and lexicon of our politics and government changes at a much slower pace. Control over Congress and the White House may change parties, leading to new laws and programs influenced by different governing philosophies, but it is still the same cadre of permanent government officials and Washington lobbyists controlling the machinery of government. The result is that even if the American people vote for real change, we end up with change at the margins.
Read the rest of Newt's great words here.

To watch Newts speech from the island click here. As I have said, I am unable to watch video on my computer, but hey, it's Newt. It's gotta be good. Everyone I talked to on the island said his speech was the best. So i will take their word for it. I have no reason to doubt them.

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