Sunday, September 30, 2007

Huckabee, Gingrich and McCain-Feingold (and Romney)

There is a Michigan blogger that I like to read on occasion, American Princess. Today I found this post, talking about McCain being behind why Newt can't run for president, and most importantly why Mike Huckabee could not fly to Mac Isle. I will include just the things about Mike, but I encourage you to check out the post, along with reading her whole blog.
The Real Reason Behind McCain-Feingold

  • On Mackinac, there's a strip of runway where people can land their private planes. When Mike Huckabee missed his hopper to the island, he was going to have to charter a jet, and with Mitt Romney unwilling to share, was going to have to foot the $15,000 bill himself. Why? Well, because according to McCain-Feingold, he'd blown his one, well-crafted shot at travel expenses and now he was wholly depended on the cash in his pocked to make his lunchdate.
    Just today, Newt Gingrich found out that McCain's campaign finance reform was standing in the way of his finding solutions and actually implementing them as the leader of the free world
  • So, first Huckabee and now the Republican's lagging candidate subversively destroying everyone who dares to challenge him for the nod through a carefully crafted decades long initiative to replace existing campaign finance laws with ones he could foresee as being destructive?

In case you missed what I put in bold, here it is again, Mitt Romney unwilling to share

Oh, you missed it? OK, here it is again, larger. Mitt Romney unwilling to share

In case your tired, larger yet. Mitt Romney unwilling to share

Better? Well of course Mitt was unwilling to share. He knew that Mike Huckabee would be at the Dollar-a-Day reception to be able to mingle with Michigan's monied Republicans. He knew that Mike Huckabee was expected to speak at the same lunch as him. He knows Mike is a better speaker than him. He knew that even though most of the people who had meal tickets to said lunch were going to see him, Mike would steal the show. The fence sitters, the ones who wanted to hear everyone at every meal to be able to make up their minds, including some Mitt fans would go to Huckabee like bees to honey.

I tell you what, even if Mike Huckabee talked about nothing more than his hunting trips with his dog and how his dog chases it's tail, for the allotted fifteen minutes Mike would have had a better speech than Mitt's droning on for thirty minutes. Any of you who were at that luncheon, we have both John Boy and Mitty-poo to thank for having to listen to Mitt speak for half and hour instead of fifteen minutes. How about a big hearty smart alack THANK YOU!

I feel much better knowing more of the details about Mike not making it. I am working on a post about my visit to the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference. It is very wordy, with quite a few pics, so it is taking a while. But I thought I would drop in to let ya know about this. Again, check out the full post from American Princess.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

Disclaimer: While my post ripped on Mitt, that is not what her post was doing. She is ripping on McCain.

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