Friday, September 14, 2007

Meet Up on the Island!

As many of my regular readers know, I have been talking about the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, quite often. I am really excited about the conference, in less than one week! I have been excited about attending this since before I even heard about Mike Huckabee. When I heard about Mike Huckabee's campaign back in March I was hoping that he would attend. Last month my dreams came true, he will be attending, along with every '08 presidential candidate.

If you have already signed up, you have probably received a few reception invites in the snail mail. Perhaps you are considering attending these events. If you are let's all go together as Huckabee supporters. We could all meet up on the Grand Hotel porch. I will give my email here. Contact me at and we can talk about what to do. We can also sit together or nearby during the Huckabee/Romney luncheon. We need to show support in numbers.
Again, I want to stress, that if you have not registered, you can do so on the island Sept. 21 starting at noon. If you have registered, but not signed up for the luncheon you can do so when you get on the island. Just purchase the meal tickets at the Grand. Let's do whatever we can to tell people about Mike Huckabee. Remember, all the national media will be there.


Michigan Redneck said...

The reason this conference is so important is this will be the first non-debate event that will have all the candidates, including Newt Gingrich.

One Mom said...

Hi Kathy - I agree with you that this is a huge event. I still think the Michigan GOP has made this too unreachable for too many people - both in cost and location (the island is hardly centrally located to most of Michigan's population). I have written the state GOP several times, but they have never answered. So, due to time, travel and money, this Michigander is unable to attend. I'm sure you will have a great time. Tell the Governor "OneMom" says hello. You will be our very capable and enthusiastic supporter for Mike Huckabee (I'm sure there will be some others there, but no other bloggers that I am aware of).

While you're there, what don't you see if can get Newt to just go ahead and endorse Mike while he's talking at the conference. :o)