Friday, September 28, 2007

Funny Picture of Ted Kennedy

I thought I would share this funny picture of Ted Kennedy included in a transcript for Glenn Beck's radio program about popcorn lung.
  • GLENN: Popcorn lung is something that Ted Kennedy is fighting, and me personally, I love this. Exposure to microwave popcorn additive linked to a deadly lung disease that has been swiftly regulated under a bill passed on Wednesday, defined the White House veto threat. So I just want to make sure that I understand this. The house has passed a bill on popcorn lung, something that I've never heard of until about a week ago. Have you heard of this, Stu, popcorn lung?STU: I heard -- no, I don't think so.GLENN: It was about a week ago that we fist heard, well, maybe a couple of weeks.
    Popcorn lung is something that Ted Kennedy is fighting... well that and obesity.
    STU: It's a great name. Let me be honest. It's a fantastic name. It's a horrible disease perhaps but a fantastic name. GLENN: And if I'm not mistaken, the Bush administration is being criticized by the Democrats because of their insistence on not pushing OSHA for stiffer regulations on popcorn lung, and this had been identified several years ago in popcorn workers in Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey and Illinois, and scientists say that popcorn lung is -- I'm quoting -- astonishingly grotesque and it's all from popcorn.

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