Monday, September 24, 2007

Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

As we all know there is the Vertical Day going on at But I want to put a spotlight on some of those behind the scenes. Earlier this afternoon I had posted the photo of Mike Huckabee speaking at the Fortieth Anniversary of the Little Rock Nine. I want to post it again. I was cleaning out my inbox and clicked on the forwarded email from Chris Maiorana again. In the forwarding conversation the picture can be traced back to a jpeg from video media from one of the local TV stations in Little Rock. When I asked if there was an available pic from this event, I just assumed that if I would receive anything it would be somewhere along the lines of a still photo that was in Mike Huckabee's archives or in Arkansas Government Archives. I never expected anyone to go to such lengths. All of you out there reading this please give a huge hand clap to all the people who went above and beyond what would be expected of them. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Imagine seeing Mike Huckabee behind that Presidential Podium again. Next time it won't be because another guy is president. It will be because Mike will be president.

After the Vertical Day is done I might start a reader interactive Michigan Project.

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