Monday, September 24, 2007

Important Presidential Survey

Today I got this letter from the Michigan Republican Party about a Presidential Survey. It asks two questions. One is "who will be the toughest Democrat to beat in Michigan?". The second question asks "Which Republican candidate for President has the best chance of winning Michigan's 17 Electoral Votes?". If you get this in the mail fill it out and send in by Oct. 13. Let the Michigan Republican Party know that you think Mike Huckabee can beat Hillary Clinton. If you are not from Michigan or are from Michigan but not on the mailing list you can go onto this webpage and you can vote there. I already checked it out. You do need to pay $5 dollars and of course give them your address and contact info. On the fill in for states all fifty states are represented for click on choices, plus armed forces. So I am asuming this means anyone can vote.

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