Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Met Rudy Giuliani Twice

No, I have not switched over to the other side. I got to meet Rudy Giuliani first when I was on the porch of the Grand Hotel. I was talking to friends and he was walking by. I saw him and said to myself, "that's Rudy Giuliani." I wasn't sure at first. He looks much healthier and of average weight in person. He walked by and shook peoples hands, including mine.
My mom was unable to attend anywhere at the Grand, so she didn't get to meet him. She rode a bike around the island while I was at the Grand. After we met back in town we went shopping and ate dinner.
We didn't get back on the ferry until the 9pm boat. Almost everyone waiting for the boat was Ron Paul supporters. They were obnoxious. I will get back to that more in detail in another post. While we were waiting they got really loud, shouting "Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul....!!". There was some security, police and sheriff deputies. People were getting out cameras. My mom said that must be Ron Paul coming. I left my camera in my bag, thinking I didn't want to get a pic of Ron Paul. Then someone said it's Rudy Giuliani. So I rushed to get out my camera. By the time it was set I missed him. Once he got up to the boat entrance on the dock non Paul supporters went up to him and got pictures. My mom and I went to get pictures. He got on the ferry to go to Mackinaw City. I guess he had to catch a plane late tonight. My mom and I were going to take the St. Ignace Ferry back. We found out that the last ferry for St. Iggy was at 8pm. So we had to take the Mackinaw ferry back and grandma picked us up in Mac City.

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