Monday, September 24, 2007

This Really Touched my Heart

As part of the Vertical Day that is going on at there is a post by James Robison titled A strong Pro-Life Leader. Now, from the title, one might think this is simply about the Pro-Life movement to not end a pregnancy. Far from it. Of course Mike Huckabee is an ardent pro-lifer, but he is more than that. His pro-life stance is for people to have a pro(positive) life, from womb to grave. I know the usual phrase is "cradle to grave" but I wanted to include womb due to the fact that is life also and Mike believes that. Anyways, here is the parts that really touched my heart.

  • Gov. Huckabee can stand with unshakable resolve to face any enemy and any challenge, yet he is willing to listen to the opposition and, when appropriate, reason together to seek consensus. He welcomes open, focused debate to find the best possible solutions.
  • The times demand that our nation's leader be able to communicate clearly with the American people, our allies and the world at large. The next president must be comfortable dealing with the press whether hostile or friendly, yet be determined to reach the populace when media bias misrepresents the truth.
  • This governor has been popular in his own state with both political parties and people of all ethnic backgrounds. He received overwhelming support from minorities. Given his less-than-privileged childhood, he relates to those who struggle in life. Texas Governor Rick Perry told me personally that no one responded as effectively to the Katrina crisis as Gov. Huckabee. He was the ultimate example of crisis management and assistance. He is a true conservative with a heart to assist the helpless.
  • Gov. Huckabee is exactly who he appears to be. There is no pretense. He is a strong pro-life leader who understands the importance of inspiring people to see the value of the innocent, unborn life so our country will want to protect every child. He has also established programs to care for children born into difficult circumstances. As he has indicated many times, we must not only care for the unborn, but those who face challenges after they are born.

Please check out the ENTIRE post. It is a must read!

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