Saturday, September 8, 2007

Still Laughing...

...since coming back from my mailbox. Today I went out to my mailbox. I got a letter from Mitt Romney's campaign. I figured this had something to do with the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference. Yup. I have been invited to a reception for Mitt Romney. It will be held at Anne Cottage. Y'all know I don't like Mitt, but since I do know people who like him I thought that I would go just to hang out with them. I would of course wear my Mike Huckabee button. If I want to attend I only need to pay $500. If I want my picture taken with Mitt I need to pay $1,000, oh and it will be $1,000, no pic, $2,000 w/ pic for couples. Umm, no. For real, who would pay $500 just to attend a party for Mitt Romney? Why is it another $500 for a picture?

I can find better things to do on the island, like shop, go horseback riding, take a carriage or bike ride around the island, walk around the Grand Hotel, shop at the Republican tables. Or maybe Mike Huckabee will have some sort of party at one of the local pubs. He could have a cash bar, so he wouldn't have to pay for peoples drinks.I can only wish. But like I said before. He doesn't need to buy my support.
Yeah, I know, my scanner is messed up.

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