Tuesday, September 18, 2007

That Song from the Honda Commercial

If you are like me, you have been wondering and wondering about that song from the Honda commercials. Ya know the one I am talking about, with that great rockabilly song. Well, anyways I had to look this up on a search engine. Here's the kicker, it's not sung by a rockabilly artist or group from the 50's. It's sung by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) in 1981. Yeah I know, I am shocked too. From the voice quality I thought for certain it would be Gene Vincent or Eddie Cochran, especially when the lead singer goes "oummm yeahhh." I guess I can't be too surprised. This was the same year the Stray Cats came out with "Rock This Town."
Whether or not ya know the song and/or commercial I am talking about I thought as a treat for ya I would add the video. Many of the commentors said they thought it was cheesy and corny. I love the vid. It is making a parody of the old B-movies of the 50's. At the end, when the screen says "Coming to a Drive-in Near You", I got to thinkin. There is only 10 working drive-ins in the state of Michigan. I am not sure how many throughout the country. I miss going to drive-ins. That is part of American culture that can never be reclaimed, or maybe it can. I like the idea of two for one rates. The snack bar was more than just candy and popcorn and soda. It had hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and nachos, along with the candy, popcorn and soda. Don't forget the dancing cartoon food during intermission. Many of these still working drive-ins play those same intermission cartoons, fifty years later. Anyways here is the video.

Bonus Treat! Rock This Town!


Kevin Tracy said...

ELO is awesome! I actually have a couple of their vinyl records! You should listen to "Mr. Blue Sky" and "Last Train to London" for a better sampling of their stuff.

It might be the culture shock you need ;)

Michigan Redneck said...

I know. I love them. I have heard "Mr. Blue Sky." I really like it. I don't think I've heard of the other one. Before I heard "Hold on Tight" my fave was "Don't Bring Me Down."
What exactly do you mean by culture shock?

Anonymous said...

I think you might want to double check. I believe the version of the song in the commercial is by a group called Fenders.