Monday, September 24, 2007

Mike Huckabee's Former Classmate Talks about Mike's Character and Personality

Have you been checking the Huckabee website today about the Vertical Day? If not, start now. On the blog page I found a really cool post by Dr. Larry Sitzes. He talks about what type of kid Mike was growing up and about Mike's character.

  • What can I say about Michael Dale Huckabee that you don't know?
  • Depends on how well you know him. I don't find any unbiased person whoknows Mike saying anything negative about him. Mike is truly the sametoday as he was yesterday, last year, 40 years ago.
  • Mike doesn't have a preacher face, a politician face, a hunter andfisherman face or a marathon runner face. He is just Mike all of the time.
  • Does he like to have fun? Oh, we had lots of that in grade school,junior high, high school and college. Having Mike in your classroommade the time pass faster. He and his friends were famous for doing original and witty things. I don't remember ever doing anything to hurt anyone's feelings purposely. We did have some fun at ourteacher's and school administrator's expense though. Mike is very good at impressions!
  • We had so much fun radio broadcasting high school football andbasketball games. Mike found ways to make it entertaining for thelisteners even if the game was a little dull.
  • Looking back to high school I really don't remember our fellow students being considered as rich, poor or whatever. With Mike we werejust all the same. Mike encouraged that attitude by his actions,setting the example for everyone.
  • What have I seen him NEVER do? Lie. Never, ever, ever. Even when it would have been easy to tell a"white lie". I'm sure this characteristic came from his family's influence. I still dare anyoneto prove that Mike has told a lie. There's been no takers, anywhere,anytime.
  • Do you know Mike Huckabee? I hope you do. If not, I hope you cansomeday. He is the real deal, every day.
  • Dr. Lester Sitzes III
  • Best Friend then, now and later.
  • Hope, AR

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