Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ted Nugent on Glenn Beck talking about Mike Huckabee

Here is the transcript from Glenn Beck's radio program, interviewing Ted Nugent. Normally, I would just give snippets and send you to the full transcript, but this is too good to cut any of it out. I will highlight where the conversation begins about Mike Huckabee.

  • GLENN: Ted Nugent is on phone with us. Ted.
  • NUGENT: Hey, happy October to you, Glenn.
  • GLENN: They tell me you like guns.
  • NUGENT: I'm fondling guns as we speak. I'm calling you from a beautiful Texas campfire at a hunting camp here in Albany, Texas, campfires, cops, heroes, military, plumbers, welders and teachers and ranchers and guitar players and we all carry guns and we can't imagine how a human being of consciousness, a human being of goodwill and decency and certainly independence and knowledge and an understanding of good over evil would ever go forth in this world in a known and intentional unarmed helplessness. In the scenario you just talked about, Glenn, horrifically, this unfolds on an hourly basis around the world and certainly right here in the United States of America. And for people to dismiss the horror and tragedy with which you are conveying on this radio show and then still shake their heads, purse their lips and walk out of their houses knowingly unarmed and helpless, it boggles my mind. I can't imagine such a wimpy, helpless accepted condition, and I would like people to man up, to freedom up, to good over evil up and people should do what we've done around the country, get their concealed weapons permit, train, get a modicum of tactical understanding of weapon retention, weapon utility and stop evil and not wait for the multiple stab wounds. Stop the person now. And Glenn, in every instance, like this cop, this off-duty cop who stopped evil and deadliness, we the people can do that. We're not stupid. I know who the bad guy is and I'm just a guitar player.
  • GLENN: You know, Ted, you just got off your tour. Are you finished with it now or are you going back on?
  • NUGENT: Well, we take breaks during the hunting tone, but the tour never ends. I had a greatest tour of my life, 77 concerts in 77 nights and that's 70 different cities that have 70 different gun laws. But like the U.S. Marine Corps heroes that I train with, trained me, I improvise, adapt and overcome. And I can tell you this, Mr. Beck. I as a father and as a husband and as a good American neighbor, I will not go gently into that night. I will not accept unarmed helplessness because Nancy Pelosi dictates so. I will not accept that.
  • GLENN: You know, when I find -- what I wanted to ask you about on, you know, your multicity tour is you get a feel for the country and I tell you, Ted, I'm feeling something I've never felt before. Last, what was it, last Thursday I had two guys on the show. One is, you know, a Ben and Jerry's lover from Vermont that just, you know, just can't get enough liberalism, says that our courts, believe it or not, are too conservative and that people should be set free and there's no use for the Constitution anymore because it has been completely usurped and there's -- and people, liberals, are being crushed by these conservatives and the way they have distorted the Constitution. He was sitting in the same room at a convention of about 20, I think it's 20,000 members at a convention with another group. This guy was from Tennessee. He says the Constitution has been destroyed, it's all states rights and the Southerners have been kept down since, you know, 1865 or whatever it is and these two actually are banning together. They don't agree with anything. I mean, these two should hate each other. It's like Ann Coulter and Michael Moore having a love fest.
  • NUGENT: Good grief.
  • GLENN: And they are banning together to secede from the United States. You have the guy from Reno last week that, he's a vet. He's a normal guy and he saw the Mexican flag flying over the American flag in Reno and the guy lost it and cut it down. And he said, you know what, you got to fight me for this flag. You are not just going to come in here and take over my country. We're being taken over slowly but surely, but I am going to fight for it. And I see this and I wondered if you had picked up on this, this great discontent in our country from people who are saying enough is enough.
  • NUGENT: Well, certainly. I mean, again I've been very fortunate. I've been touring since 19, since about 1962 and I do travel all over the country and it's just glowing with positive energy, but there is a strange atmosphere out there where we identify a disconnect from the bureaucrats who, we the people -- and it's why your shows are so popular, why Rush Limbaugh is setting records in broadcasting, why Sean Hannity is popular. There is a self-evident truth in population, and it's the majority of us, Glenn, it really is. Unfortunately too much apathy has silenced and gagged the we the people that live by logic and the self-evident truths that are constitutionally guaranteed and that we no our God-given rights, not bureaucrat-given rights. So when you use the term "We the people," believe me the Nugent family and everybody listening, watching Glenn Beck, we go damn right, that's what we need to get more of. We need to be more active, we need to register, we need to vote, we need to research the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the conditions around the world where our founding fathers refuse tyrant tyranny, we refuse slavery, we refused emperors and kings, we refused control by bureaucrats in Europe and choosing what religion is authorized, whether we can defend ourselves or not. And we wrote down these self-evident truths in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights. And you bet you, Glenn, there is a real discontent because we the people feel that the bureaucrats do not care to represent us accurately. But I see a painfully slow growth in activism on my website every day. I was on -- in a deer blind this morning talking with people and sharing the beautiful sunrise and the kind of points that you're bringing up, the logic, the taking care of business, work ethic, being productive instead of bloodsucking, to be good and positive instead of negative and whining. What we can do for our country instead of what our country can do for us. This is resonating around the land and I find in every hunting camp I go to, every rock-and-roll concert I go to, every charity event I go to that the big message here, Glenn, is what you project. We the people have got to become more active. We've got to sit down with our school administrators, at church, at the local community centers. We've got to monitor how policies are made, how these bureaucrats in New York City will literally force millions of people to be unarmed and helpless and we are forced to run away when we see someone stabbing someone because the bureaucrats won't let us stop evil when 99.9% of us know exactly how to stop evil.
  • GLENN: Let me ask you this, Ted. There's two things that come to mind. I think that there could be -- I think there could be a perfect day scenario. There could be -- there could be something that terrorists would launch on us that could cause such great disruption in this country that I could see us having some sort of a martial law kind of scenario, at least temporarily in this country because it -- you know, our enemies want to destroy us.
  • NUGENT: That's materialism they seek, no question.
  • GLENN: Let's just say go down that road. You have somebody like Hillary Clinton in office. I could also see then the next step saying, we have got to get the hand -- guns out of the hands of the people; there's too many guns on the street, and a lot of dopes going right along with it just like they did in New Orleans, you know, right before they became a third world country and they took away all of the guns there by gunpoint. The question I have for you, Ted, is, A, do you believe that we could get to a situation in a relatively, say in a five-year period where you could see that scenario happening and, B, I have to tell you, I know a lot of cops, and I think the cops are our future's best friend because I don't think -- I don't know a cop that would come to my house and say, I've got to get your gun. I don't know a cop that is for disarming good, strong citizens. They want us to be on their side.
  • NUGENT: Again I have to clarify because I am just the extreme guitar player. But when it comes down to taking a shower and calming down, I'm pretty much a nice guy, a nice neighbor, I try to be a positive asset to this great American dream, and I do so. And most of my friends, Glenn, are cops and military heroes. And believe me, my friend, what you just articulated is alive and well in the hearts and souls of those who have sworn to God to support and uphold the Constitution and certain protect we the people, the cops of this country and the military heroes of this country are on the side of we the people, not someone like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton or Obama or what happened down in New Orleans. Most of the cops in this country, if they were told to go door to door and disarm Americans, they would say, nope, can't do it. Won't do it. I'm confident of that. But we've got to cultivate relationships with our law enforcement. Citizens have to have a relationship with their state trooper, who is a dedicated hero in every state I've been to. The sheriff, the local police chief. We've got to -- you know, Glenn, I wrote Wang Dang Sweet Poontang but I still introduced myself to the sheriff and the constable and the chief of police and the state trooper commander. I got to know these guys because I know that I'm their boss. They serve and protect me. My dad and my mom taught me that. But I think it's a rare relationship that I would like to see you prod and encourage that more and more American citizens and neighborhoods should have an ongoing, upbeat but prodding and probing relationship communication with their law enforcement officials because now more than ever the painful scenario of potential societal disruption is on the cusp right now. I'm not predicting doom but I'm prepared. I have that which I need to sustain my family. And again, Glenn, everybody I know, they have adequate food, water, supplies. You know, most of my buddies are rural. So we've got the firewood and we have the firepower and we have relationships with law enforcement and National Guard where we the people know that those heroes will be on our side, but we've got to be prepared just like this cop yesterday or the day before who lost his cool in Wisconsin and went nuts and killed people. We've got to know and be cognizant of those kinds of signs and warning signals so that we can raise a little bit of hell prior to the disruption so that the officials who are in charge of those kinds of potentially dangerous individuals will nip it in the bud, if you know what I'm saying.
  • GLENN: I have to tell you, Ted, I couldn't agree with you more on reaching out to your local police. I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I would help a sheriff's department out in Idaho on something that they were working on, and Sheriff Klingler's from Madison County in Idaho asked me to come out. I don't give up my personal time easily. It means a lot to me. And I was out in Idaho -- because I have connections to this community -- helping him and helping the sheriff department on something that they were working on, and I have to tell you if we don't do this, if we don't recognize who our friends are, we're in real, real -- we're in real, real trouble. Ted, one more thing. Let me ask you, have you made a decision on if you had a gun to your head today -- and I just want to make it very clear, you don't have one. But if you had a gun to your head today, who would you vote for?
  • NUGENT: Do I really have to answer that question?
  • GLENN: Yeah.
  • NUGENT: It's tough. My favorite man or individual running for the presidency of the United States of America right now today, since you're holding that gun to my head.
  • GLENN: Yeah.
  • NUGENT: Is a man who covers all the bases for we the people, the U.S. constitution, the Bill of Rights, decency and that's Mike Huckabee.
  • GLENN: Mike Huckabee, I would have thought you were a Ron Paul guy.
  • NUGENT: Ron's a good man, Fred Thompson's a good man, I like Mitt Romney and Mr. Giuliani on many levels. But no one in my estimation today -- and I'm not voting today.
  • GLENN: No, no, if you had a gun to my head. We're the same way. I would never draw a gun on you because I'd lose.
  • NUGENT: But Mike Huckabee, I'm telling you I've spent time with the man, I've watched how he conducts his personal life, his family life as governor of the State of Arkansas.
  • GLENN: Oh, Ted, personal life doesn't -- personal life, personal life doesn't matter. You know that. You learned that.
  • NUGENT: Well, a person's moral compass, I believe.
  • GLENN: What did you say? NUGENT: It's an indicator of a person's moral compass, I believe.
  • GLENN: No! No! Bill Clinton told me. Bill Clinton told me personal life doesn't -- just go in and do the right thing. You know, from 9:00 to 5:00. You can do whatever you want outside at 9:00 to 5:00.
  • NUGENT: I don't think so.
  • GLENN: All right. Ted, always good to talk to you, sir.
  • NUGENT: Glenn, God speed.
  • GLENN: You bet, bye-bye.

My regular readers will recall this post I made on Aug 2, 2007, "Ted Nugent Loves Mike Huckabee."

Go to Glenn Beck's homepage and take the poll of the day. Vote for Mike Huckabee as your choice to win the '08 Republican Nomination.

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chukmaty said...

Mike Huckabee is a truly great fellow that wants to see government doing a competent job but NOT holding the American back... he is the the one with executive experience, gun carrying permit, and pro life cred that we should be rallying behind.