Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mike Huckabee Takes The “Candidate Calculator” Quiz

Here is the transcript of the last half of the Glenn Beck interview, where Mike Huckabee is taking the "Candidate Calculator" quiz.

  • GLENN: Okay. We only have a couple of seconds here before I have to take a break. We have about two minutes. Would you mind doing a favor? We have a -- there is a website out that says you can say yes or no or you're unsure and the level of importance on each issue. It said that I agree with you about 60% of the time. Would you be willing to just answer yes, no, unsure and the level of importance on these issues like abortion rights? Do you support abortion rights, yes, no, unsure and level of importance?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: No, I don't support abortion rights. I'm pro life. I believe it is important in that it defines our culture, our attitude toward the intrinsic worth and value of every human being.
  • GLENN: So would you say that's high, medium or low?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: I'd say it's high.
  • GLENN: Okay. Death penal, yes, no, unsure, high, medium, or low?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: I support the death penalty, medium.
  • GLENN: No Child Left Behind.
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Support it, medium.
  • GLENN: Embryonic stem cell research, high, medium, low?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Opposed to embryonic stem cell. High importance.
  • GLENN: Anwar drilling.
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Support it, high importance.
    GLENN: Kyoto protocol -- by the way, did you see the nice little tax gift that they are trying to shove through congress on global warming? That's nice, isn't it?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Always. That's our congress, God love them. They spend their time worrying about what Rush Limbaugh says on talk radio and then wanting to tax our pants off.
  • GLENN: I know. Let me ask you this question. Why isn't the guy who Rush Limbaugh was talking about, why hasn't he been tried for treason? What he said about, what he claimed our soldiers and he did over in the Middle East was translated over in Arabic and is used as propaganda against us, why isn't he a traitor?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Well, why the U.S. Senate would even take this whole issue up. People have a right to say things and I don't know that the Senate can legislate the First Amendment. This is the most absurd thing I've seen in a long time. Glenn, let me be fair. I don't think the Senate should have gotten involved in condemning I think what they did was horrible. I think some of the Democratic candidates ought to get their lips off George Soros' rear end but we don't need the United States Senate taking up their time and our money dealing with issues that frankly are issues that should be decided in the marketplace in the context of free speech.
  • GLENN: Okay. Kyoto protocol, you are against it and high, medium or low?
  • GLENN: Assault weapons ban, against, high, medium low?
  • GLENN: Gun background checks, yes, no, unsure, high, medium, low.
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Okay with the background checks. Medium importance. As long as they are instant background checks. I don't believe in the waiting period.
  • GLENN: PATRIOT Act, yes, no, unsure, high, medium or low?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Unsure because there are provisions -- I mean generally -- let me say yes and then put on there medium because there are certain provisions I think need to be --
  • GLENN: You know what got me on that one because I answered -- so far we are answering a lot of them the same. What got me on that one is it has a Sunset. So as long as it has a Sunset in it. Anyway, Guantanamo, yes, no, unsure? Do you support it? High, medium, low?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Yes, medium.
  • GLENN: A medium?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: I've actually been there. I've seen it firsthand. Understand symbolically it's a problem but I tell you those folks are getting better treatment than American citizens jailed for crimes.
  • GLENN: Waterboarding of captives, yes, no, unsure, high, medium, low?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: I would generally say as a policy, no. In the event of a practice then sometimes it's easier to get forgiveness than permission.
  • GLENN: So maybe you say no and low priority?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: And no. I don't support outright torture.
  • GLENN: Neither do I. Citizens path for illegals, yes, no, unsure, high, medium, low?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: No. I think they need to do it the right way and that would be a high priority.
  • GLENN: Are you willing to compromise if both borders are sealed and nobody else is coming in, ever? To get that --
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Unsure. It would depend upon the provisions.
  • GLENN: Let's see. Border fence, yes, no, why unsure, high, medium, low?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Yes and high.
  • GLENN: Internet neutrality, meaning the Government is not coming in and messing with the anything on the government? Yes, no, unsure, high, medium, low?
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: That's an issue that I've got to make sure understand correctly because I got sort of in the middle of that one one time. Is that where the Government -- make sure I understand exactly what that does, Glenn.
  • GLENN: That is so the Government doesn't regulate anything on the Internet, that you have free access to it. I guess that would also --
  • GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: I certainly don't want the Government regulating the content of the Internet.
  • GLENN: Okay. We have to take a break. Could you hold on just a second, governor?
  • GLENN: We're with Governor Mike Huckabee. I like him. We'll come back here in just a second

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