Friday, October 5, 2007

Campaign Store

The Huckabee campaign has just opened an official online store. You can not imagine how elated this shopaholic is. There are so many choices. Oh my, what to buy. Some items have a retro theme. So all you rockabillies out there who like Ike, oops Mike, there is something for you too! There is also the modern logo. There is a burlap bag with the modern logo. It's cute, but not as cute as my "I Like Mike" bag I made. No, my bag is not for sale. Hey, sorry, my bag has Mike and Janet Huckabee's signatures on it. Maybe I will sell it for $20 mil, wink, wink. All seriousness, what do they have for sale? Well I will tell you.

In the Retro category:
Blue and white buttons; royal blue on the top and bottom, white bar that reads "I Like Mike" in verdana font, bordered on top and bottom with white stars inset navy bars.
Bumperstickers; similar "I Like Mike" design as the buttons, except the top bar with white stars has light blue coloring and the bottom bar with white stars has navy blue coloring.
Clothing; There is also many types of shirts for men, women, children and infants. The t-shirts and hats that say "I Like Mike" have the same design as do the buttons. Some of them are different colors though. There is also a bib and body suit for babies.

In the Modern Category:
There is way more items in the modern category. The logo for those items are like the button at the top of this page, it is white with dark blue "Mike Huckabee for President" and the yellow stars off to the side. You can buy bumperstickers, pins, even a calendar, mugs, the burlap bag I told you about, a magnet, note cards, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats.

Are you excited yet? I hope so. You must see them for yourselves. Click here to buy something.


Moe said...

Nice purdy pink website. Keep up the talk in yor redneck state of mind.

R. George Dunn said...

Hi We need to get rocking getting the campaign buttons and the flyers and that stuff flowing. We are the short list state, one day after the Iowa Primary and probally the third state to have the primary. We need a leader in each district. Who is responsible for that?

Michigan Redneck said...

I am not quite sure. The woman I met who was the volunteer cordinator at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference has worked for Dick Posthumus' campaign. I have her phone number I will give her a call to see if she is going to cordinate something statewide, or I can email the campaign to see if they are going to have her in charge of something.

R. George Dunn said...

The darkhorse candidate, which Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family has indicated his support will be going to, appears to be Governor Huckabee. With slow steady climb in the polls and his strength in Iowa, Mike Huckabee may find himself being the candidate of choice among the Evangelicals who in the last election made up 37% of the voters.

With 85% of these Christians undecided, the upcoming Washington Briefing of many National Christian leaders may bring forth Huckabee as the front runner.

I am of the opinion that Romney has flip flopped right out of the boat. And with Dr. Dobson deadset against Giuliani, I believe his ratings will plummit.