Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dr. James Dobson will appear on Hannity & Colmes Tonight

Watch Hannity & Colmes tonight, to see Dr. James Dobson. This is great timing. He will have a chance to view the debate and hear Mike Huckabee at a debate. I truly believe Dr. Dobson will say positive things about Mike.

Continue checking this blog, after 3pm, to read my take on the debate. If I have no problems with my computer, I will periodically check in during the debate and after the debate. I will also be participating in a bloggers conference call. Do I have a question prepared? Will my question get answered? Stay tuned later tonight to find out. Don't forget to watch the Michigan Debate on CNBC at 4-6pm live and again at 7-9pm on MSNBC.
h/t to R. George Dunn for the Hannity & Colmes info.

Let's here it for Michigan! God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

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