Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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I guess I need to have a subscription to listen in on Glenn Beck's radio show. Well anyways I just got this in from Joel Westrom, Michigan's 1st Congressional Chairman. It is a very easy to understand outline about Jennifer Granholm's tax increases. Even those of you who learned your math in Michigan's public schools can comprehend this ;).

  • Talking points on the Governor's tax increase

    The Granholm Tax Increase is the largest tax increase in Michigan History.
    • $1.4 billion in NEW taxes.
    • It took every vote the Democrats could muster, including Governor Granholm’s threatened government shutdown, to pass this tax increase. Lt. Gov. John Cherry cast the deciding and tie-breaking vote in the Michigan Senate.
    • In 2004, Governor Granholm opposed a general tax increase, telling a Detroit radio station that such a monumental decision should be up to voters. Now, after being elected to her final term, the governor has flip-flopped from that position.
    • Even Democrat Governor Jim Blanchard’s "temporary" tax increase in 1982 – which was a tipping point for Republicans to take control of the Michigan Senate – was not as large as the Granholm Tax Increase.
    • With the stroke of a pen, the Granholm Tax Increase erases more than a decade of principled Republican leadership that broke state government’s stranglehold over taxpayers’ wallets.
    The Granholm Tax Increase creates only losers.
    • This was a battle of jobs versus taxes and jobs lost. Michigan’s economy is broke and more taxes are just going to costs jobs and forestall any economic recovery.
    • The Granholm Tax Increase will not create a single new job.
    • It is working families and small business that will bear the brunt of Granholm’s tax increase.
    • Michigan continues to suffer a single-state recession, has one of the nation’s worst unemployment rates, and leads the country in home foreclosures.
    • It is the naïve who think it is possible to tax Michigan to prosperity.
    The Granholm Tax Plan hurts working families and businesses the most.
    • By the administration’s own estimates, the tax increase will cost the average working family of four a month's groceries.
    • For working students, the Granholm Tax Increase roughly equals the tuition for one 3-credit course at a public college.
    • For struggling Michigan businesses that depend on consumers to fill their tills, there will be roughly $1.4 billion less circulating in the state's economy once the tax is enacted.
    • All tolled, the Granholm Tax Increase means more than $6 billion a year in lost economic activity, assuming the generally accepted four-fold economic multiplier for each dollar a consumer has to spend.

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Joel Westrom is an awesome guy!

The Lansing Democrats are not.