Friday, October 5, 2007

75...Let's Keep Building Momentum!

OK Michiganders, I just heard from the Huckabee campaign that there is 75 volunteers from Michigan. Now, let's double, even triple that. All of you north of the Mackinac Bridge, I am definitely talking to you. Let's get the word out about Mike Huckabee. So you want to volunteer, click here. Come on yoopers, let's show up those trolls that we can get just as big of a volunteer squad.

Characters below the bridge versus characters above the bridge.
Hey just funnin! I want all the Huckabee supporters who can give their time to volunteer, wherever ya live.


emozilla said...

Are any Huckabee supporters getting together for a debate watching party?

I got a call from the McCain campaign for their's but I'd much rather be with fellow Huckabeeians.

Michigan Redneck said...

I don't know of any. If there is any they are probably down near Dearborn.