Friday, November 30, 2007

Possibly Two More Hostages (Update)

Just a few hours ago I posted about someone taking hostages at Hillary Clinton's Rochester New Hampshire Offices. I just saw that there may still be 2 more hostages. None of what I have posted can be gospel truth. I am just typing as I hear. From what I have been hearing nothing has been 100% confirmed or denied. I guess the hostage taker has been identified as Troy Stanley. He is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. He is currently "off his meds." It is reported that he has been living in the woods for quite a while. He just recently came off a drinking binge.
His ex-wife has talked to police. Police are getting info from her.
Another hostage was just released. She is a Clinton volunteer. Carl Cameron says there may be another hostage, maybe one more inside. Carl says that Mr. Stanley may be using aliases. He has been arrested a few times recently for disturbing the police.
Police are doing everything they can to get him out.
Now they are saying the hostage taker can not be 100% defined as Troy Stanley. He is going by the name of Leland Eisenburg. They are unsure if this is Mr. Stanley's alias or another mentally ill person in the town. If he is a different person the issue of whether or not he has flairs or an actual bomb is on the line.
Carl Cameron just said that the last time an hostage issue happened during an election time was in 1980 at Ronald Reagan's Chicago Office.

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