Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why Mike Huckabee is the Best Republican to Beat Hillary Clinton

Here is a short article in the US News in which Mike Huckabee explains why he can beat Hillary.

  • Huckabee: I Can Take On Hillary's Machine

  • November 26, 2007 02:46 PM ET | Permanent Link
  • Surging Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee today said that his success in Democratic Arkansas proves that he has the background and training to take on the Clinton political machine on the national stage.
  • "None of them have ever run against the Clinton political machine," he told reporters in a conference call today, referring to other GOP candidates. "That means something."
  • Huckabee's history as governor of Arkansas is an unusual one; he became a rare statewide-elected Republican in a state where the old Clinton political machine is still in operation. In answering questions from U.S. News, he said that Sen. Hillary Clinton's operation is very similar to the old Bill Clinton campaign, mostly because both share the same operatives and tactics.
  • He credited the senator with being mature and "ruthless." On other issues, Huckabee said that he has started to branch out in New Hampshire and South Carolina in case he wins or scores a second in Iowa. He plans to spend all of December in Iowa, where he is in a statistical dead heat with Mitt Romney. His recent surge in Iowa and New Hampshire polls has translated into more donations. [source]
How refreshingly honest Mike Huckabee is. He knows she needs to be beat, but he doesn't play the worn out warped and scratchy record that most Republicans play about what an easy target she is. I have a few theories of my own about how she became "ruthless." But they are merely pop psychology having to do with how she went from being a young republican to being an old lib. Plus I know I would make a lot of people mad. Hey, I usually make people mad anyways. And I do it oh so effortlessly, without even trying.

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