Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just Dropping By

Today is the first day of snow in this little part of the UP.

I feel so bad that I have not posted in quite a while. And there is so much going on to. Freaky stuff I tell ya.
Pat Robertson has sold his soul and has endorsed Rudy Giuliani. Another Christian "leader", who was Mike Huckabee's mentor is endorsing Mitt Romney. Sam Brownback is endorsing John McCain. The Arkansas Republican Assemblies is endorsing Fred Thompson. I feel like I am living in some bizzarro world, parallel universe. Folks, it looks like us little people need to use those brains of ours that God has given us and realize who the true honest conservative is, that is Mike Huckabee.
I wish I could get more into all this. So much is going on in my personal life, within the past few days. I am still recovering from being sick. Last Saturday I organized a Mike Huckabee table for the First District meeting in Gaylord, that Joel Westrom asked me to organize. Today I had to go to the courthouse to do election canvassing. That is after all the votes have been tallied there are canvassers who check to see that everything matches up. Now I have to get packed for my bus trip to downstate. It is snowing and will be tomorrow, so I don't want to risk driving in the cold without heat in the car. I will be attending the Clinton County Lincoln Day Dinner, where Mike Huckabee will be the Guest of Honor. If you are interested in attending please go to Try to email one of the contacts and let them know you will be attending. Tickets can still be bought at the door, but it would be nice to let them know you will be there. I will get back to ya this weekend, with all the details.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

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