Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mike Huckabee on Hannity and Colmes

Sean Hannity is interviewing Mike Huckabee. Can't explain his upsurge, but is very glad.
Asks about immigration. Secure border, build fence, no amnesty. Wanted to allow children of immigrants to attend college. They were given rules. Doesn't believe in punishing children for sins of parents. Didn't give the kids any special deals. Kids had no choice to come here. Would rather the kids grow up to be tax payer, not tax taker.
Alan asks him about the attacks. Mike says it is fun. He's being noticed. He's had to run against Clinton political machine. So he's used to it. In Arkansas personal attacks were common. About accuse of using an airplane for personal use. He mortgaged his home to pay for it.
Now Alan is asking about Wayne Dumond. Parole eligibility was during Bill Clinton's time. It will be more Hillary's problem, than Mike's in the general election. Mike did not pardon him.
Alan asks about taxes. Cut taxes 9o times. Cut the welfare roles 50%. Balanced budget every year. Left state with almost a billion dollar surplus.
Sean is asking Mike about attacks from Fred Thompson. Supported gas taxes that payed for better roads and bridges. Had no choice to do anything else. Had to raise taxes in regards to school funding. The Supreme Court made him. These things helped lift up Arkansas schools to be better, raods were better and unemployment went down.
Ends with saying that it is about the people, not the elected officials. Officials don't get elected to be served be the people. They need to be elected to serve the people. We travel down a slippery slope when officials are only in it for themselves.

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