Friday, November 30, 2007

Some Psycho...(Update: More)

Update on "bomb." Read below.
I just turned on FOX News and some psycho entered into Hillary Clinton's Rochester New Hampshire Campaign Headquarters. He entered the office at about 1pm. He opened his coat and revealed a bomb. There was about 5 volunteers in the office. He took them hostage and let one mother and her child go, and another woman. The three of them went to a store next door and asked them to call 911. He wants to talk to Hillary Clinton. She won't talk to him. Many of the other Democrats offices in New Hampshire have been evacuated. The bomb squad is there and sharp shooters are all around. The SWAT Team and officials are trying to get the remaining people out. Secret Service has taken Hillary Clinton to a secure place. They just said the guy might be mentally ill. Ya think?
I know the candidate this blog supports is Mike Huckabee. But I just had to post this. This is freaky. Politics can get emotions going, but for real, people should still be able to know right from wrong.
One woman may have just been released. Law enforcement is currently in contact with the hostage taker. Carl Cameron is reporting on it. He says the dude told people to get on the floor when he entered. This is not the first time in which a threatening incident has happened to a campaign, but it is probably the first time a hostage taking has happened.
The negotiator has to try to gain the man's "trust." The negotiator needs to find out about his "stability" and needs to try to figure out who he is.
It looks like maybe both remaining hostages have been released. But not for sure. SWAT Team is inching closer to the building.
The psycho has been identified as a local who is known to be mentally unstable. He had told his son to watch the news today. All hostages have been released, but not confirmed. They are trying to talk the psycho out of there. He is known to local law enforcement. They have had dealings with him. According to FOX due to this man's past it is looking less like a political issue and more like just him wanting to make a big production.
Law enforcement has put in a cell phone to the dude in his 40's to keep in contact. He may have contacted family. He is complaigning of conspiracy theories.
Witness is being interviewed now. He saw all the law enforcement and they told him to get out. He didn't have a chance to see much. He was just told to quickly leave the area.
Carl is interviewing someone, Mr. Bennett, who's father knows the man, Troy Stanley. He says the guy has a mental history. people in town have been talking about him. Troy Stanley has compaigned that the government has implanted things in his head. he said this happened when he was in the army. The young man being interviewed doesn't believe that Mr. Stanley has ever been in the Army. Mr. Bennett does not think he has ever had a history of violence. It is still uncomfirmed that this is Mr. Stanley, for sure.
According to Mr. Stanley's son, the alleged bomb is nothing more than road flares. They are stll trying to get him out. Allegedly his recent divorce may have triggered his instability.
Hillary Clinton is in Washington today. Dem chairman Howard Dean said Hillary will not be speaking.
A local reporter is on the phone with Neil Cavuto. The police are saying about the flairs that he could still have them connected to a device. Neil brought up the point that it was the son who said they could be flairs and wondered if this could have just been to protect his dad. The reporter said that police believe it is flairs. A press conference is on it's way.
It is said that his "recent" divorce was three years ago. His brother died about a year ago. He has some friends who are part of the Libertarian Movement. He believes the government is conspiring against him. People who know him have tried to talk him out of his thoughts. Neil Cavuto is talking to someone who knows Mr. Stanley. The caller can't understand why he would want to talk to Hillary Clinton. People around Mr. Stanley have been trying to help him. Neil asked the caller if he believes Mr. Stanley would hurt anyone. The caller said he doesn't believe that.

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