Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Fun

I just love Christmas and the time leading up to it. I will not, repeat, I will not let politics get in the way. So for fun I want to bring this to ya. Remember those old aluminum trees? All the pretty colors? Well now they are going for big bucks. Here is an article from back in 2005 about the trees and a lady who collects them. Here is a part of the article.

  • Town Leads Aluminum Christmas Tree Revival

  • Holiday Fad Faded Decades Ago, Then eBay and Others Revived It

  • MANITOWOC, Wis., Dec. 18, 2005
  • Manitowoc truly reflects the spirit of the season.
  • The quaint town on the shores of Lake Michigan is known for its snow-covered sidewalks, storybook downtown -- and sparkling aluminum Christmas trees. The tinsel Tannenbaums glisten in the window of the LaDeDa shop, and catch the glow of passing headlights at the Tweedle Brothers book store.
  • Video
  • 'Tin Tannenbaum'
  • "Manitowoc was put on the map nationally through this tree," says Jerry Waak, who once ran the sales force at the Aluminum Specialty Company. The downtown factory closed years ago.
  • In the 1960s and 70s, Waak estimates he sold millions of aluminum trees, but for nowhere near the prices they command now. On eBay, a rare pink 7-footer recently sold for more than $3,600.
  • "We used to sell those trees for $11.25 wholesale, $25 retail," says Waak shaking his head. "I wish I had a lot more trees."
  • What some regard as tacky relics of Christmas past are now collector's items.
  • Barbara Bundy Yost paid $800 on eBay for a 6-foot pink tree last year.
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