Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keith Butler Supports Mike Huckabee! (UPDATE)(UPDATE)

(UPDATE) It is official. I contacted one of the persons from the Clinton County Republican Party and he has said Keith Butler has switched his endorsement over to Mike Huckabee. I just need to get official confirmation on this.

(UPDATE) As a commentor said, that Rev. Keith Butler endorsed John McCain months ago. Yet I reported that at the Lincoln Day Dinner he said he "supports Mike Huckabee." Before he said this I had thought he endorsed John McCain. Well, I have been checking out to see if he has switched over to the Huckabee campaign. I can't find anything. I did find this in the Lansing State Journal;

  • McCain also in state
    Huckabee's appearance in mid-Michigan comes on the same day that McCain campaigns in Jackson.
    While McCain canceled an event at MSU, the trips by him and Huckabee illustrate how much more emphasis Republican candidates are placing on Michigan than Democrats. Mitt Romney has campaigned in mid-Michigan twice. [source]

So, here's what I don't get. If he is still endorsing John McCain, why was he at an event with Mike Huckabee and not at the McCain events? If anyone can help me with this, one way or the other, please let me know.

I am still downstate. I will get more details about the Clinton County Lincoln Day Dinner event in East Lansing to y'all later on. But I want to drop in to say a few words. Keith Butler introduced Mike Huckabee, before that he talked about all the talking points I have been talking about here. Keith Butler likes that Mike Huckabee is pro-life, honest, pro-family, tough on immigration, and pro-morals. Before introducing Mike, Keith Butler said, "said that is why I support Mike Huckabee for President."
Mike Huckabee made the best possible speech ever. Mike is just full of surprises. I have heard him speak many times, through the power of online video. Each and every speech is just moving. Last nights speech was no exception. I am going to try to get a word for word about the best part of his speech regarding bobsledding. I am sure I have y'all confused. Well don't be. There was a great story about a visit he made to Utah a few years ago and in the end he gave the moral to the story.

See ya back in the UP!

I have been chacking other blogs. One Mom already has her post up about meeting the governor in Owosso.
Originally posted on November 9, 2007


Anonymous said...

Rev. Butler endorsed Sen. John McCain months ago......

Michigan Redneck said...

That's why I said support, not endorse. I should have been more clear, sorry.

OneMom said...

Butler was also in Owosso with the Governor. It is puzzling.

Michigan Redneck said...


I did not know Rev. Butler was in Owosso. At the dinner he was filling in for Congressman Mike Rogers, who had withdrawn his own endorsement of John McCain. Mike Rogers was unable to attend, due to the fact that he was in session.

Anonymous said...

McCain's Michigan co-chair moves to Huckabee

January 23, 2007

Keith Butler joins supporters of McCain: Former Senate candidate to serve as National Co-Chairman for conservatives and Michigan state co-chairman


November 27, 2007

News Release: Mike Huckabee announces Faith and Family Values Coalition: Rev. Keith Butler, Founding Pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center Church, Michigan


Rev. Butler is a former member of the executive committee of the Arlington Group, a national coalition of pro-family organizations and Christian religious leaders. Huckabee earlier this month was endorsed by Arlington Group founder and chairman Dr. Don Wildmon of the American Family Association.

Wednesday, Huckabee was endorsed by Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., the son and namesake of the late Moral Majority Founder, the Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell. “My father supported Huckabee before he was number two in the polls,” the younger Falwell said.


Wednesday, a new poll by the Rasmussen Report showed Huckabee for the first time leading the Republican presidential field in Iowa, the site of the first presidential caucus in January. Rasmussen characterized Huckabee's lead as "a stunning change in the race."


A new Zogby poll released Tuesday showed Huckabee moving into third place nationally --


-- and holding a five-point lead over Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton, the largest lead of any GOP candidate in a potential 2008 general election matchup.