Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just a Quicky

I am still rather drained to do a full post. Which is a total bummer, since there is so much going on. But there was so much excitement about Mike Huckabee at Saturday's meeting that I thought I would at least stop by to tell ya a few quickies. Of course the purpose of this meeting was mainly about Michigan's First District.
On the national '08 aspect everything went swimmingly, at least on the Huckabee side. Get this, I was so worried that other candidates would have payed staff there and have big 'ol huge displays that I and George Dunn went out of our ways to make a great display. I was bummed that some of the stuff the campaign sent didn't get here in time. But once I got there it didn't matter. No joke, there was nothing for any of the other candidates, other than a pamphlet about John McCain. Not even a Mitt Romney sign, Michigan's media darling. No one was there specifically to represent anyone. The official Mitt Romney staffer in Michigan was a no show. I guess he went to the Michigan/Michigan St. game to be with Mitt. Holly Hughes, National Committeewoman spoke about Michigan politics, while adding a little bit about John McCain. But she didn't have to much in a way of a speech about John McCain. Nothing on Guiliani. Nothing on the other guys.
George Dunn gave a great speech on why he "likes Mike" and why Michiganders in the First District should support him. He got a huge round of applause. Joel Westrom asked one of the guys whom he knows supports, and I guess volunteers for, Mitt Romney about what's going on for the Romney support. He talked a little bit about checking out Mitt's website and volunteering and giving money. He got polite applause.
Kathy's neutral note; Mitt Romney called in from the game and said hi. I guess if I didn't already support Mike Huckabee I would think that was nice. I am sure Mike Huckabee would do the same if there was a district meeting and football game in Arkansas, where he attended the game, on the same day. Same with the other candidates.
Oh, and I would like to thank State Rep. Tom Casperson and Frank "the Dork" Egeler for giving me a ride to and back. I had tons of fun. I wouldn't have had as much fun if I drove by myself. I guess that is one positive aspect of having a crappy car. Joel Westrom, First District Chairman, did a fantastic job with the meeting as a whole. Although everytime he got up to speak I kept noticing that his hair looked like a cross between Mitt Romney's and Bill Clinton's. Ya know when ya see either of these two guys on TV ya just want to reach through the television and mess with their perfectly coiffed hair? Yeah, that was Joel's hair.
Well anyways I thought I would give a quicky, but me being me, I got long winded. Believe it or not, but I have way more to say. Including what Frank "the dork" told Joel what I said about his hair.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

(I'm just itching to see if Frank or Joel find this. They like to stalk themselves and see what people say about them.)


Larry said...

I would love to hear what some of the people you talked to had to say about Huckabee.

Michigan Redneck said...


It was all positive. I will definitely have a follow up post, in a day or so. Today is my "rest" day. I will probably check out some of the other blogs and do some emails.
I can tell ya there was nothing but positive attitudes towards Mike. Some people were saying what many of us have been saying since the begining of the year, that they think he would make a great nominee and the media should be giving him more attention.
I will finish more later.

Larry said...

I will be looking forward to reading your follow up post.