Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Am Now a Member of the Big Wig Club!

Normally I don't post email exchanges here, unless it is from a mass emailing that I feel is important to let ya know about, but since Joel Westrom says that I am a member of the Big Wig Club I thought I would share that honor with everyone. I am not going to add all the boring stuff. It started out me commenting to him about the First District site. He thanked me and I wrote back asking about the details of the Republican nominating convention for the presidential race it looks like we will have in Michigan. This kinda tells ya how it will happen.

Me: If ya have time, how is this primary convention going to work?Someone commented on that it
is going to be the big wigs choosing. I thought it would be like other
conventions, where delegates from all the counties would be selected
to attend and "vote on the floor." So are "little people" like me not
gonna be able to go?

Joel: Actually, you would be considered on of the big wigs. Instead of
900,000+ Repulicans going to the voting booths it would be more 2500 people
selected by counties. Very similar to the convention where I got
Welcome to the big wig club. :)

Thank you for the info. I don't know if I want to be considered a big
wig or not, after all, I am a Michigan Redneck ;). I guess
I should feel honored nonetheless.
Not to sound like a dork, but when you say it will be like the
"convention where you were elected" do you mean that when the First District
and other districts gather in their little conference rooms on Friday
night that's when we cast our votes? Or is it like when all the Michigan
Republicans gather Saturday am and elect the committee members or the
national convention nominates the nominee?

Joel: It would be like the Saturday deal we had but a little more
Interesting, I shall say. I have never been to one of these presidential nominating conventions, just the regular ones. I have heard about previous ones and I guess they can get heated and passionate. Ohhh...I can't wait! What fun!

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