Friday, November 30, 2007

The Huckabee Factor

A few snippets about Mike Huckabee article in Newsweek.

  • How far can Mike Huckabee take this thing?
  • That's the question after the debate here. Rudy Giuliani and John McCain insiders tell me they'd be glad if the former Arkansas governor won the Iowa caucuses, because that would humiliate Mitt Romney, who has invested so much time and money there. Well, after the debate and a chat with Huckabee, here's my advice to the mayor and the senator: be careful what you wish for.
That would be fun to see Mitty humiliated.
  • Huckabee is no rube; he is a practiced, focused politician with communications skills that are equal to or exceed those of any of his rivals, Republican or Democrat. His serious weakness—and it is a big one—is his utter lack of foreign policy or military experience or exposure. In the end that may be fatal. In the meantime, he is complicating the calculus of the race.
  • This is the complex bank-shot phase of the campaign. In this extraordinary multicandidate field, with five legitimate contenders (counting Fred Thompson) and perhaps a sixth (Ron Paul), each has to carefully calculate the consequences of attacking or buddying up.
Ron Paul? WTF?
  • For the most part, Huckabee is trying to let others carry the load of attacking Romney in Iowa (where Huckabee now leads in some polls). He is largely skipping New Hampshire; anything he gets there is gravy. He can play the more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger card, responding harshly to attacks, but not initiating them. He has a squadron of 500 bloggers that swarms in response to any charge made against him. So far, so good.
  • He seemed mildly irritated when a reporter in the post-debate spin room asked him if he would be a good vice-presidential running mate. "I'm leading in Iowa now," he said. "You ought to be asking me if I'd pick any of these other guys to be my running mate." He added, "I think most all of them are fine people." Key word: most.
When will these people finally get it?
  • Chatting after the debate, Huckabee was nonchalant—and did not seem surprised—when told that a flash poll of viewers had judged him the overwhelming winner Wednesday night. Gena Norris (wife of Chuck) congratulated him on the wonderful "aura" that he exuded onstage. He didn't seem surprised by that either.
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layneh said...

I was able to meet Mike when he was here in Michigan for the Clinton County Republicans Lincoln day dinner. My wife and I were the first to get our picture taken with him. (I am not trying to brag, it just fits in with the rest of the story.)
After about 15 minutes goes by, the start calling out my name because they had a problem with the camera, and needed to retake the picture.

As we walked back up to take the picture, I was a bit surprised that he not only remembered who we were, but also remembered our names (really just my wifes name, but to my defense, she is much more attractive than I.)

Michigan Redneck said...

That is awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Larry said...

It has been apparent to those of us who have supported Mike Huckabee for quite some time. It looks like the other candidates and the media would catch on, sooner or later, especially with all the evidence mounting up in favor of Huckabee. I really think they are going to be shocked out of their wits when he pulls this off.