Friday, November 23, 2007

Transcript with Mike Huckabee on Your World with Neil Cavuto

Here is part of the transcript of Mike Huckabee's appearance on Neil Cavuto, on November 21.

  • This is a rush transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto," November 21, 2007. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: To the campaign trail right now, where there is big news today, as a big poll putting Mike Huckabee just four points behind Mitt Romney in Iowa, already passing Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani.

    Reaction now from the former governor himself.

    Governor, I know it's just a poll. You always remind me they are just polls. But that's a pretty good poll for you. What do you make of it?

    MIKE HUCKABEE, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, they are just polls until they show us doing well, and then they are phenomenal, of course.


    HUCKABEE: We're thrilled. Obviously, it's a great, great sign for us.

    I have been saying all along the people of Iowa auction their cattle, but not their candidates, and, you know, that these are folks who walk around feed lots enough to know when to avoid the manure and when to recognize what it is.

    So, I think what's happening, you're seeing people who are coming around and looking at the substance of the message. We're excited about what's happening, not just there, but across the country. There have been a number of polls today released nationally showing us ahead of some of the folks that have been called top tier for the previous 11 months.

    And our campaign is poised to do exactly what we had hoped, and that is make the move just at the right time.

    CAVUTO: You must be registering, Governor, if all, of a sudden, other candidates who dismissed you or — or were polite to you are now targeting you, from your positions and fiscal stewardship of Arkansas, to whether you're a true conservative.

    But the guns are a'blazing.

    HUCKABEE: Oh, sure.

    CAVUTO: What's the next six weeks going to look like ahead of Iowa?

    HUCKABEE: Oh, there will be a lot more of the attacks. That's part of politics 101. And that's what it is. It's sheer politics. They are throwing stuff at me that was thrown at me in a state for 13 years as an elected Republican in a highly Democratic state.

    But you have got to remember that, you know, my first day in office, my door was nailed shut. That was my sort of initiation into politics here. So, it's not something I'm ill-prepared for. It's one of the reasons I think I will be able go through the distance of the campaign.

    More importantly, you know, it was Gandhi who said, first, they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Then, they attack you. And, then, they attend your swearing-in. So, we're looking forward to January '09.

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