Sunday, November 18, 2007


I just said below that I normally don't share email exchanges. Well, here is another one. I feel this is important. It is to help raise money for Tom Casperson and the Republican Party throughout the state. Anyways, I was told to forward to friends and family. I think this is the best way to do that. I will give credit to both Frank Egeler and Joel Westrom for sending it out to the First District.

Let’s show that Tom Casperson has our support.
Please visit and make a modest donation to Tom’s Congressional account. Whatever you can give. The number of donors is almost as important as the amounts.
Also forward this to your friends!!
Saul has set up a MIGOP Slatecard to raise $75,000 statewide tonight. Tom will need all of our financial support to be successful in getting a Republican to represent the First Congressional District. For more see Saul’s e-mail below.

Liberals probably don't think we can do it
Democrats don’t think we can do it
But I think we can. I believe in our small and growing on-line community of internet activists.
I have created a “slate” on for the top Michigan congressional races.
The Democrats are going after two incumbents…Congressman Joe Knollenberg and Congressman Tim Walberg. There has been some talk of going after Congressman Rogers and Congressman Mc Cotter…but nothing serious yet.
We have a great shot with Tom Casperson challenging Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak.
Go to:
Make an on-line contribution today…show your support…show other activists that Republicans can “learn” to take advantage of the web and internet technology as well. This is a great tool that I hope you will use and pass on to friends and possible supporters is new and trying to raise it’s first $75,000 by tonight…the GOP’s first attempt at a great concept the Democrats have utilized very effectively. Please join us
If you agree with me that we can reach our goal, please visit right now and stand-up to be counted. Give generously to the candidates you support.
If you are willing to give $10 or $25 or even $100 to some of our most competitive races here in Michigan …join us at:

This is it. Make it count.


Saulius "Saul" Anuzis
Republican Party
Secchia-Weiser Republican Center
520 Seymour Street
, MI 48933

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