Monday, November 12, 2007

Mike Huckabee Attended Clinton County Lincoln Day Dinner in East Lansing, Michigan

Well, I am finally getting around to the post about the Lincoln Day Dinner.
I started out from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, taking a six and a half hour bus ride to Owosso, where my grandma picked me up. Almost as soon as I got to my grandma's house I had to start getting ready to leave for the meeting.
We arrived at the magnificent Eagle Eye Golf Club just in time to pick up our name stickers, pick up some Mike Huckabee bumper stickers and get a drink from the bar. I ordered a Jack Daniels and Coke, except they only had Pepsi for the soda. So I got my drink with a Pepsi and lemon, lemon is the only way I can stand Pepsi. My eighty-two year old grandma got a beer. I think that is so cute. I hope it's genetic that I will still be able to drive and drink a beer when I am that age.
Y'all shoulda scene this place. It was huge and gorgeous. Where we got our name tags and drinks was a large room all seperate from the dining room. Oh my, the dining room was spacious and beautiful. There had to be at least 150 to 200, maybe more, people in attendance.
Y'all should be really proud of me. There was a salad on the table when we went to sit. I did not eat it as soon as I sat down. I have manners, sorta. The dinner began standing up for the "Presentation of Colors." Everyone in attendance loudly and proudly recitited the "Pledge to the Flag." The DeWitt High School Chamber Singers beautifully sang "The Star Spangled Banner" in acapella.
Dinner Chairman, Scott Hummel, welcomed everyone. He announced Clinton County Party Chairman Sheriff Wayne Kangas, who spoke. Congressman Mike Rogers was supposed to be a speaker but was in session and could not make it. Michigan's Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land spoke, as did State Attorney General Mike Cox. This was a great line up of speakers.
There was talk about being proud to be a Republican. How we can win in '08, at all levels. There was talk about the Michigan economy and how Republicans in Michigan can balance the budget, without raising taxes.
93rd District Representative Paul Opsommer (Clinton and Gratiot Counties) gave the Invocation.
Then I was able to eat my salad. This was a delicious salad. It was a simple, yet elegant spinach salad, with a few veggies. Get this, there was also grapes in the salad. We had a choice of raspberry or ranch dressings. I chose raspberry.
The dinner menu was terrific. It was served family style. That way people could have as much or as little as possible. The meats were Old English pot roast. Veggies were garlic mashed potatoes and Key West medley. Of course there was also bread and butter. For dessert we enjoyed pumpkin tort.
To save time, while we ate the speakers kept on speaking. Sheriff Kangas gave the "Recognition of Office Holders" and announced some of the well known attendees who were not speakers. After his announcement Chief Justice Cliff Taylor spoke.
Then Sheriff Kangas gave the county's "Republican of the Year" award to Tim Fair.
The Ovid-Elsie High School Band played "Patriotic Spectacular."
Congressman Mike Rogers was supposed to introduce Mike Huckabee. But since he was unable to attend Reverend Keith Butler filled in. He gave a great speech. I have already talked a little bit about his speech and his positive words about Mike Huckabee in a previous post. I was really rooting for him in the Senatorial Primary in '06. While Reverend Butler was speaking Mike Huckabee entered the room. He had arrived from a fundraiser in Owosso.

A New Hope for Michigan

Mike Huckabee's speech was so awesome, that I think it deserves a subpost within the main post.
He started off talking about when he first got interested in politics. When he decided that he was a Republican because of core beliefs, Republicans were far and few between in his home state of Arkansas. He talked about why he is willing to spend so much time on the road, making speech after speech, attending events and spending only 2 nights a month at his own home. He told a story about once when he woke up wondering what town and hotel he was at. He then realized that he was in his own home. He does it because he truly believes this is the greatest country in the world. And he wants to make it even better than what it is. He cares about all Americans. He cares about the issues that Americans find important.
He did say it was his family that talked him into running for president. I think we should all thank the Huckabee family for that. They gave him talking points as to why he would make a great president.
He talked about important issues. He said the border issue is out of control and that Republicans need to stand up and do something. He believes the first thing that needs to be done is build the fence. He believes that employers should be punished for hiring illegals.
He talked about out of control spending in Washington. He said that both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this. He compared them to kids who get a hold of their parents credit cards.
He talked about Fair Tax. Always the humble man, he said that the guys who came up with the Fair Tax plan are way smarter than him. He said that he had researched all the angles. He said these guys are Ivy League educated with economic degrees. He believes that this is the most sensible plan. It would be equal for everyone. It would be based wholly on consumption. Everyone would receive their whole paychecks. Pimps and prostitutes would pay in equally. And the best part it would eliminate the IRS. Mike Huckabee wants to be the one to nail the going out of business sign on the door of the IRS.
He told a story about a machine shop worker in New Hampshire he had talked to. This gentleman took on a second job so that his daughter could attend Cornell University. Except that the more he worked the more he was taxed. The only way the government could help him, and his daughter attend college is if he were to quit both working both all together. Mike Huckabee believes this backwards. The America he, I also, believes in is an America where one gets rewarded for working hard.
He talked about Michigan and how we have lost many manufacturing jobs in this state. He wants to see a tax system that will make it profitable for American Companies to bring jobs back He wants to see the "Made in America" label back on products that are sold in the US. I am reminded of Rosie the Rivitor, who by the way was a 17 year old Lansing girl working in the shops during WWII. "We can do it", with Mike Huckabee leading. He talked about substandard products from China. He said a country is not free if it is dependent on other countries to feed and clothe us.
He wants us to be energy independent within the next 10 years. He wants to tell the Saudis that their oil is about as worth as their sand is to us. He said national security is the issue.
He talked about his parents generation sacrificing everything for their children to have a better life. In his own family his mother came from a family that had dirt floors and no running water. No male on his father's side ever graduated from high school. Mike Huckabee had the distinction of being the first male to not only graduate from high school, but also college. He told a story about growing up in Hope, Arkansas. One time when he was a boy the governor came to town. This was a big deal, as not too many elected officials came to his town. His dad took him down to see the governor speak. Mike acknowledged that his dad would probably never imagine that Mike Huckabee would ever become governor himself, especially not run for president. I bet once his dad will be smiling down from heaven during Mike Huckabee's inauguration. His dad once told him to never look to far up the family tree, he may not know what he'll find.
He talked about why he is pro-life. He believes that pro-life is from cradle to grave. He believes that all Americans deserve a decent life. He wants to see Roe v. Wade reversed. He refuses to see this country take a far left turn and lose everything. He believes every person is of equal value. If any one is considered more valuable than another we are going down a slippery slope. He talked about how the pro-life issue is one of morals, not political. If it were a political, then fine for the states to choose. But if it is a moral issue than if it is wrong in one state then it is wrong in the other state. If something is nt moral, then it is not moral, regardless. It is a matter of principles that should not be abandonded.
He feels people should vote Republican, not for name but belief.
He talked about being shunned when first becoming governor. He was the 3rd Republican to be elected governor in Arkansas , since reconstruction. His beliefs are so strong that he kept on going as a Republican and didn't buckle. He beat the Democrats , not on numbers, but on quality.
He believes in going to the people and listening. He believes if someone is faithful in tasks, they will be given bigger tasks, if not, they will not be given bigger tasks.
He wants to beat Islamofascism. He understands that the war on terror is a religious war.
He talked about health care. He talked about the state of American health care. He does not want socialized medicine. He talked about the trouble with the modern system as that it treats the after affect, not tries to prevent the problems. According to Mike Huckabee it would be cheaper and simpler to prevent the problems than treat the diseases.
He talked about education. He talked about kids don't drop out because they are stupid, but bored. He said that the kids need both the right and left brains stimulated.
He joked that Democrats approval rating in Congress is so low that Britney Spears has a better chance of getting elected. I got a sense that this was something that just came to him at the moment. Although he did not get all Fred Thompson. Like "uh,uh, Britney, um-um, Spears, could, oh, get, yeah-um, elected. Can I, um, get, some applause?". Sorry, I had to add some of my biting humor in there. There was still a clear delivery by Mike Huckabee. But what's new?
One of the best things that said was that the Republican Party needs to look excited about where we're going, not sour about where we've been. I know with the chance of Mike Huckabee being the president I know I am excited!
Forgive me on this next part, as it was so good I had to drop my pen and just listen. So, unfortunately I will not be able to do near justice to Mike Huckabee's words. He told a great story about when he was governor of Arkansas he went to Utah for a political event. The governor there said he had bobsleds for all the politicians there. Mike thought, "cool", it would be bobsleds in a race with each one representing each of the politicians. Was he in for a surprise. The governor wanted him to participate in the race.
He talked about never being involved in snow related activities. He made a few jokes about snow in Arkansas. He said that if it were to snow in Arkansas everything would close for the day and wait 'til the next day and the snow would be melted. If anyone in the state had a snow shovel it was because they moved from a northern state and brought the shovel with them and kept it not knowing what to do with it.
He said that he would be getting training from a sixteen year old Junior Olympian. He joked "training for what, getting ready to meet Jesus?". It was funnier when he told it. The kid went through the steps and told him not to look behind and not overcorrect. In the moral of the story was that, "All you have to to do is steer what is ahead." This was his political advice, Mike's, not the kid's. He said that "Leadership is steering for the curves."
Senator Alan Cropsey (33rd District-Clinton, Ionia, Isabella, Montcalm Counties) gave the Benediction. After the dinner was over it was announced that Mike Huckabee would have about 7 minutes with the press. I am not sure which press this was, as the only thing I can find on the dinner is a little footnote in The State News of Michigan State University. If I had known there wouldn't be too much press coverage of the event I would have tried harder to work my way in and talk to him. There was also another Yooper who attended the event. She actually came from farther in the Upper Peninsula than I did. After this Mike Huckabee went to the back of the dining room to pose for pictures.
It would only be $20 to pose with Mike. I did not think this was too bad. My grandma said that she would just let me have my picture taken with Mike. She said it didn't matter if she had her picture with him. She stood in line with me. I was talking to some of the people who were in line. everyone thought he gave great speech. Many of the people who had heard him speak for the first time, at this event. Were amazed by what he said and the fact that he was genuine and had no script. I have to say, even after hearing him speak, on the internet, on TV and twice in person I, myself, am still amazed at his skill of giving such great speeches. While we were in line one of the persons said that more than one person could pose with him, so she decided to get in the picture. After waiting for quite a while, it was our turn.
He was super nice. I can't remember all I said or all he said. This is where I have surprised myself. In group events I am nice and sweet, submissive, keeping my cool. But with Mike Huckabee I am such a dork. I walked up to him and he said, "Hi Kathy." He was probably looking at my name sticker. I shook his hand and said, "I am one of your bloggers." He said "Oh yeah I know. You're Michigan Redneck." I reminded him that I went to help out at the Iowa Straw Poll. He said, "Oh yeah I remember." He actually remembered that. I know you could say "well you told him that." With other politicians I would agree. But not with Mike Huckabee. It was sincere. After that I don't remember much. I know I kept talking. To tell ya the truth, if I hadn't kept talking I probably would have passed out. My grandma told him that I wanted to go and invited her to come along and said that I came down from the Upper Peninsula. He asked her if she came down from the Upper Peninsula. I let him know that I took the bus down and she picked me up. He seemed really interested in listening to my grandma. The photographer said that we needed to pose and get the picture. After our picture was taken my grandma kept on talking to him. He listened with a genuine concern.
It was the photographer who told her that we had to hurry up so the people in line could get their turns. I truly believe that if Mike had the time and didn't have the photographer to move the line he would have stayed to talk to everyone, listen and answer their questions for the next three days. He is just that kind of person.
In conclusion, just when I thought Mike Huckabee could never give a better speech, he trumps his own self and gives a better speech than ever before. He always gives great speech, but this was the best ever. Maybe I am just prejudice, because I was there.
After leaving there I thought that if it was just Mike Huckabee event and not a Republican event I would have invited my grandpa, not the husband of the grandma who was with me, but my dad's dad. Dang, if he liked that Bill Clinton was from Arkansas, he would love that Mike Huckabee is from Arkansas! But I couldn't take him to a Republican event. He is old school UAW. Nothing, except Mike Huckabee winning the Republican nomination, could make him abandon the Democrats.
Believe it or not, I may have more to say. There was just so much going on that my brain is still spinning. So, if I have more to say I will add it later. I am still editing pictures. I will post them soon. One of the pictures I took, even after trying to editing, made Mike Huckabee look like he hasn't shaved in two days and had bad acne.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!


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should have been on board all along. I have heard Mr. Huckabee speak several times - he is a good man and would make a great president

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