Monday, November 19, 2007

Mike Huckabee is the only Presidential Candidate to be Named Top Hunter

'Tis hunting season and I thought I would dedicate this article to Yoopers. The Upper Peninsula is said to have the best hunting in Michigan, possibly the nation. No, I myself do not hunt. I tried to beg an ex-boyfriend to teach me. He said I would get too cold and I don't like cold. He also said I like critters too much and I would get sappy if I or him shot a deer. I think I would probably agree with him on the cold, but not the sappy part.
If ya haven't gotten bored by ramblin and are still reading here is an article I want to share. It is an article from the Swamp (Tribune's Washington bureau) about Outdoor Life naming Mike Huckabee "Hunting and fishing's 25 Most Influential People." Here is some snippets from the article.

  • Huckabee: One of 25 most influential hunter-fishers

  • by Mark Silva
  • Maybe it's Mike Huckabee's repeated warning to people that one should never aim one's weapon at a dead carcass.
  • Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and now a Republican candidate for a president, has become one of "Hunting and Fishing's 25 Most Influential People.'' He and Ted Nugent, the gun-toting rock star.
  • So says Outdoor Life, the magazine that claims 5.5 million readers, with news breaking in the December/January issue on newstands tomorrow. Huckabee is the only one of the presidential candidates to make the list, and one of only two politicians -- the other is Sen. Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat. The list is officially known as the Outdoor Life 25.
I wonder what the Michigan Sportsmen, who endorsed Romney think of that?
  • But apparently the magazine has some other criteria: "The magazine lauded Huckabee’s conservation work on behalf of sportsmen during his Arkansas governorship. Huckabee, an avid angler and hunter, helped pass Amendment 75, “The Conservation Amendment,” months into office. Approved in 199 6, the amendment pumps approximately $26 million into the coffers of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Outdoor Life also sited Huckabee’s work to improve public access for hunters and anglers and his kids’ fishing initiatives as additional reasons he was named to the Outdoor Life 25.''
  • “We started the Outdoor Life 25 because we wanted to recognize high-profile and grassroots individuals who have had the most positive impact on hunting and fishing,” Todd Smith, editor-in-chief of Outdoor Life, said in a release. “Mike Huckabee is a perfect example of someone making a difference. He put his shoulder behind a special conservation amendment that now pumps millions into the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission annually. Those dollars are directly helping to make hunting and fishing opportunities in his state even better.”
Read the rest here.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan! And don't get too drunk at hunting camp ;).

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